Friday, December 2, 2011

Day One

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love the Christmas season with all of the traditions and celebration. I wanted to make sure my boys had an Advent calendar this year since they would be old enough (especially Park) to understand the countdown. November was a busy month for me so I didn't get to making the calendar until this week when I got home from our Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Florida. (We had a great visit, by the way. The weather was perfect and the shopping was, well, Florida shopping. Let's just say, I got stuck in the Banana Republic Outlet for over two hours. Ouch. ) 

Anyway, I decided I didn't have time to make the cute felt calendar I had dreamed up in my mind from Pinterest inspiration. I had to go with a paper model. For being made in one afternoon, I'm happy with this bright little festive piece. Everyday there is a new Christmas activity and starting half way through, we'll begin reading the Christmas story in sections from Matthew and Luke. I really want this time of year to be a big celebration of our Lord's birth.
Parker is so excited about waking up in the morning and reading the card for each day. The visual countdown really helped him understand how much more time we have...the chocolate Hershey bar in each envelope brought a little cheer too ;)

Note: You won't see Graham helping decorate the tree because he's still on vacation this week. My parents wanted some time with him, so Dad will be flying Graham back to me this weekend. Since I knew we'd be leaving him down there, we got our tree as a family before we left for Florida. I doubt Grammy would have been much help decorating anyway, considering his inability to leave shiny things alone.

Day One: Decorate the Christmas Tree.
 After lights and garland. (Yes, those are handmade pom poms. There are over one hundred and I have the blisters on my fingers to prove it.)
 Don't think I wore my winter pj's for decorating the tree. The sad truth is that I had them on all day long. I never left the house today, so the flannels never left my body. Don't judge.
 Daddy helped hang our nail ornament to remember the importance of why Jesus was born. He always had a destiny with a tree and I am so thankful.
 All finished!
 Merry Christmas! Get your countdown on!


Mary Ann said...

Love the calendar. We started ours today too. The garland is adorable and I can't imagine how long it took. I stayed in my pajamas all day too.

Ashley - said...

i love the pom poms!

Heather said...

I love the advent calendar so much. Where did you get the cute envelopes you used for the cards? I want them!

Kelly Pearce said...

Hey! How did you make those pom pom garlands? They are super cute. Beautiful tree and advent calendar

DavidandSteff said...

@Mary Ann-i bet your boys are loving their calendar. Pajamas are my favorite thing in the winter.

@Ashley- thank you!!!

@Heather-I just used coin envelopes from office max and glued scrapbook paper to the front :)

Kelly Pearce- I used a few different sized pom-pom makers from JoAnns and then strung the balls on fishing line. hot glue held them in place ;) It took freaking forever! Thanks!!!