Wednesday, December 14, 2011

nine through fourteen

I'm really not good at the whole witty title thing. Sorry.

Day 9: decorate initial ornaments
Day 10: St. Alban's lights
(my gangsta 4-year-old)
Day 11: See Santa and pick out 2011 ornament
Well, mommy made a little mistake not checking to see if Santa was going to be at the mall on Sunday at 5:00. He wasn't. Ooops. I decided to let them pick out an ornament instead and take them to see Santa on Monday night.
Day 12: paper snowflakes
 We didn't get to do Day 13 as planned. Parker got in trouble with the YMCA childcare leaders for being disobedient, so we didn't celebrate by making the planned yummy s'mores. He was sad, but that's life. Bad behavior hurts. He should learn it early.

Day 14: make a birthday card for Jesus
 Can you believe we only have 10 days until Christmas? Wildness.


Anonymous said...

My brother told me that punishing his kids (grounding them or banishing them to their room) sometimes causes him more heartache then it does the kids.

It is alright if you can't come up with catchy titles....the poetic stories are captured by the pictures you take.


The Ness Story said...

Love the pictures by their little tree. Everyone just glows and looks angelic... :) Oh, that dolphin ornament cracks me up. I can so see me picking that back then...

DavidandSteff said...

Thanks Angel!
Em- I so wanted to encourage an airplane or something else he's into, but the dolphin won. It's better than the random purple tree frog and electric guitar he first laid eyes on.
Ey yi yi.