Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We finally made it to the 25th of December! Parker thought it would never come. Graham? Well, he is still pulling off random numbers from our calendar making it clear he had no idea what was going on. Oh well! Now, Christmas has come and gone, but not without wonderful memories made! It was just the four of us together on Christmas morning and I really did feel giddy waiting for the boys to wake up. When the sleepyheads finally awoke around 7:45 and ran out to see if Santa had indeed come, they couldn't believe their eyes! He had left quite a mess of snow.
 Last but definitely not least!
 Singing Jingle Bells!
Reading the Christmas Story.
 Present time! Santa's first.
 Graham decided he wanted to trade in a few of his new trains for Daddy's audio book.
David opening his big present!
 It was wrapped 10 times down to a tiny jewelry box of guitar picks! I'm such a trickster ;)
 Not sure what Graham had planned before I made him get down.
Christmas cuties.
Family Christmas photo 2011
I hope your Christmas was as blessed as ours. My boys made my Christmas so special. Was is perfect and void of chaos? Um, hardly. I'm not in a fantasy world and I do have two toddler boys. There were moments of crying and utter selfish fit-throwing (Parker and Graham did some whining too-ha ha!), but when the day came to a close, we were a family who loved one another and had spent the day celebrating our Savior's birth. Good times!


Anonymous said...

My nephews love Imaginex toys too.
I love the picture of the boys examining the footprints! That picture is priceless!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories! Love your blog Sis and your, it does change your look. Love the pictures too! Give everyone hugs from Aunt Jenny!

Suzette said...

We enjoyed Christmas lunch with you all and the delicious rice dish you made. You are a wonderful hostess and cook!

DavidandSteff said...

@Angel-Imaginex are a big hit. I'm just glad the boys didn't "taste" the was a bit sweet :)

@Aunt Jenny- hugs given! Thanks..miss you!

@Suzette- Thank you! We loved having you.