Monday, December 5, 2011


Am I allowed to say that last week was very relaxing? Is that bad or against some Mothers' Code of Conduct? It is wrong that I enjoyed the quietness of my home with only Parker in tow? Well, it's the truth. Even if it does make make me look like a not-very-nice mommy. If I am being completely honest, which I am known to be, I even questioned my decision to have a second child as early as I did as well as my desire to have future children. Last week, I never seemed to get to that crazy frustrated point that I so easily get to with two little boys. David came home to a calm, happy atmosphere where dinner wasn't cold or unfinished. I was able to keep up with the house and laundry while still playing Candy Land on a regular basis. I was able to decorate my home for Christmas in peace while Park played quietly in his playroom. Parker spent hours coloring instead of pushing a screaming, laughing two-year old around in a play shopping cart. I could go on, but you get my point. Life was less stressful and INSANELY easy with only one young child to parent.

Before you start to think I'm an awful person, let me describe when my thoughts started going the other direction. When I got through the security checkpoint to wait on my second bundle of joy to come through the door with my Dad, I started to get excited. The second Graham saw me, he yelled my name and ran fast to my arms. He tightly hugged my neck and I was so very thankful for my little "handful." Don't get me wrong, I have never wished I didn't have Graham. It has little to do with who Graham is, just the combo of two rambunctious boys together that wears me thin quickly. They are both so well-behaved apart, however, together they seem so difficult and hyper. They bicker when together, yet can't stand being apart. I am trying to figure out how to manage their combined energy, but it's just hard. Really hard. I'm slowly becoming better and they are getting older, thank goodness. 

I became even more aware of how thankful I am to have had both boys when Parker saw Graham. They embraced, shared peanut M&M's (thanks Papaw), and locked hands. They walked around the airport for the next few minutes talking while never letting go. It made me so happy to see they genuinely missed one another. Their true affection for one another was clearly shown. Parker repeatedly kissed Grammy's face. Moments like this help remind me of why I chose to give Parker a sibling. Last week, though undeniably peaceful, started to look a little boring to my new found "airport" perspective. Life is all about perspective anyway, right?

Just so you don't think everything stayed all merry and bright, I'll let you know I had to break up fights in the backseat on the way home. I also heard more tattling in the three hours before bedtime than I can count on two hands, but my home is back to normal. Crazy, loud, dysfunctional normal. But there is lots of love. There will always be lots of love.

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