Thursday, September 16, 2010

So be it.

After my post about Parker's first day in preschool and how smooth it went, the whole situation headed South and proved to be a challenge for both of us. The second day, Parker got in trouble for "touching people" as the teacher put it. I doubt it was as innocent as it sounds. I mean, if he was just placing his hand on peoples' shoulders to pray for them or give them a little hug, I doubt there would have been an adverse reaction from the other children and teacher towards Parker.

After the third day, David and I realized just how hard of time he was truly having obeying other authorities other than the two of us. So, for a few reasons, we decided to submerge him a little more in the pre-school scene hoping it would help him adapt to his new environment a little better. I called the director and she agreed it would be good to have him go three days a week instead of two.

 The next time he went, Parker's end of the day behavior report from the teacher was much improved, however the morning drop-off couldn't have been more dramatic. My independent kid who has never had any anxiety about leaving me, started crying and saying how he didn't want me to leave and that he really needed me. Eye yi yi. The next few school days went like this, but he was always happy and excited to see me at the end of the day with positive things to say about school.  Finally, on Monday of this week, he ran to see his teacher with no apprehension when I dropped him off at school.

I thought everything was going to be smooth from that point on...not so much. When I picked him up, I was handed a plastic bad with a note on top explaining how I need to work with Parker about going poo in the potty. Really? He hasn't had an accident since Christmas when he was potty trained. Apparently he has issues with the restroom there at the school and decided to try to hold it. When he wasn't able, the result was disgusting.

You want to know what has been the hardest thing about all of this for me? My hurt pride. It was embarrassing to be told about my kid's issues. I really thought I'd get complemented on his funny whit or his intelligence, not reprimanded for his disobedience and lack of self-control. However, the staff at Parker's preschool has been really great and I have to realize they don't know me from Joe Shmoe down the street. They haven't witnessed my efforts to discipline and potty train, so I shouldn't be offended at a note asking my to do a better job with both. It doesn't really matter that Parker knows his 50 states or that he's already mastered the alphabet, the teachers want a well-behaved child who respects authority. I know that he is a really good kid who is simply struggling with a new transition in life. After some prayer and self-reflecting, I've decided that I will ignore my pride and allow myself to be humbled.

The truth is, Parker is a good boy. He is generally obedient, but he is also a 3 year old little boy. I will take responsibility for his misbehavior and work diligently to train him to respect authority better. I will tackle these minor trials as they come and quit being so worried about justifying myself and my child. Who knew preschool would be such a journey for us? Things look as though they are on the up swing. Parker is regaining his confidence and I am learning to be a better mother. If getting my pride hurt is what it takes to get to this point, then so be it.

(Here's a little peek at a near future post. The adorable baby Lincoln came to stay with me at my house, and he even brought his momma. Such a great weekend!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fancy Fall Frame

Thanks to all the fabulous Oaks around our house, we are gifted with loads of acorns. Might as well put them to some good use. I saw a magazine article with this cute little idea, so I sent Parker on a search and rescue mission to recover some whole acorns. After removing their cute little tops, we glued them on an old frame. Viola! I let Parker pick the picture and our first fall project was complete. I can't decided whether it's ugly or seasonally cute, but either way, the two of us had fun making it together.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Return to Tennis

My friend, Lynsey, mentioned the other day about playing tennis with her son and I realized that though Parker received a racket for Christmas last year, I had never taken him out to play. Why? Oh, maybe because I have a one year old and the thought of playing tennis with both Parker and Graham seems a bit un-fun. Anyway, I decided that the lack of tennis in our household had to change. I love the sport and I would love for my kids to enjoy it as well. So, David and I took both boys to the courts on Monday. We had a grand time, but I would have to say that Parker has more "bad" skills than mad skills. Oh well, there's still hope since he's three. He had a blast, but I'm afraid he might have a bit of a temper on the court. I'm pretty sure he threw his racket once or twice after missing the ball. I'll have to work on that before he can win the US open.
Cutest ball boy ever.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Preschool is Underway

I dropped Parker off at preschool for the first time last Thursday. Absolutely no tears were shed...from either of us. It was so exciting. I've been waiting since April when I decided to which school I would send him. Call me unsentimental, but I'm not going to fake sadness as my first born baby walked his confident little self into a classroom of strangers and told me he was fine. I was proud of his independence. As for me, though I cherished many moments of Parker's early life, I LOVE all the "activities" he is old enough to get involved with now. I have my moments where I cry thinking of how small he use to be and how he's lessening his dependency on me, but he still lets me hold him on my lap and kiss his face, so I haven't much to complain about yet. Though it's slightly hard to let someone else have control over my little man, I know he's in God's hands.

When I picked Parker up, he said he had a great day and that he wished he could stay all day. I'll let him happily entertaining that thought now because in about 10 years he's going to wish he could only go to school for 3 hours. I asked my little P if he had gotten in trouble at all while at school. He admitted to two offenses. He poked people because he wanted to and he ran in the classroom. I cracked up hearing him tell the story of how the teacher "held his hand" when he got in trouble. He said she wouldn't let him go for a little while. Ha! Considering Parker's capabilities, I'll call the first day a success. I just hope that I'm not the first mom to be called in for a parent/teacher conference for my preschooler. Fingers crossed. He really is a good little boy, but he's also a handful and a little "special" as I like to call him. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see him interact without the presence of his momma, but part of the fun is hearing from him about his day.

He was so handsome his first day. I know, I'm very biased.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perfect Just the Way You Are

I took the kids to their 3 year old and 1 year old doctor appointments last week and found out that Graham is currently petite and Parker is average. Average in size anyway.  Parker was always a chubby baby and usually found himself around the 75th percentile until he started walking and quickly burned off the fat. He also slowly descended to the 20th percentile by age two. Last week at the doctor I was expecting them to say the same thing as usual, but they didn't.  He had grown almost 4 inches in the past 6 months and had gained 3 pounds which made him 37.5 inches and 30 pounds. Woo Hoo! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. Due to my imperfections as a mom when it comes to vanity and pride, I've been trying my darndest to get Parker to the 50th percentile in weight. I've always hoped he would be in height, but I am smart enough to realize I can't change that without the help of growth hormones and that would just be stupid too vain. Why would I want Parker to be 50th percentile? Because he's a boy. If he were a girl, I wouldn't care if he was 5th or 95th. Girls seem to be excepted and praised for any healthy size. If a girl is petite, then she's cute and can wear just about anything. If a girl is tall, she is envied for her legs and the amazing jeans she can wear. There are always exceptions, but the point is girls can be seen by the public eye as beautiful no matter their size. Guys? They want to be big and most girls want a big guy. When asked what the perfect man would look like, how many girls do you think would say, "I'd like a guy who is 5"4 and cute as a button"? Not many. Are there girls who marry short men? Yes! We end up following out hearts and can easily be attracted to a man of big character instead of one who wears a 36 inch inseam. So, while I would love for my boys to grow up to be big men for the ease it seems it would bring to a guy's life, and though I truly was excited for Parker to be average, I am going to do my best to teach my boys that they are perfect just the way they are. If they are taking care of the bodies God gave them, then they don't need to be any bigger than what they are. A good personality and intelligence will take my boys a lot farther in life than size. I'm sure frustrations may come when a larger height or weight would aid in sports, but don't tell that to Emmett Smith, Andre Agassi or Muggsy Bogues who were all small for their sport. Parker and Baby Graham, you two are handsome, talented boys who are beautiful just the way God made you. Go tackle the world with your petite and average selves.