Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Return to Tennis

My friend, Lynsey, mentioned the other day about playing tennis with her son and I realized that though Parker received a racket for Christmas last year, I had never taken him out to play. Why? Oh, maybe because I have a one year old and the thought of playing tennis with both Parker and Graham seems a bit un-fun. Anyway, I decided that the lack of tennis in our household had to change. I love the sport and I would love for my kids to enjoy it as well. So, David and I took both boys to the courts on Monday. We had a grand time, but I would have to say that Parker has more "bad" skills than mad skills. Oh well, there's still hope since he's three. He had a blast, but I'm afraid he might have a bit of a temper on the court. I'm pretty sure he threw his racket once or twice after missing the ball. I'll have to work on that before he can win the US open.
Cutest ball boy ever.


Heidi said...

Parker is hilarious with those sunglasses. And Graham is as adorable as ever.

Happy Little Camps Family said...

How fun! And of course such handsome boys!!

Lauren said...

Aww, seriously, could they be any cuter??? :)