Monday, June 28, 2010

Buffet Makeover

When we moved into our home, there were a few pieces of furniture that were left here by the seller.  We only kept two pieces of her very Asian-themed decor since I don't have the same taste as a eighty year old woman who's obsessed with the Orient. The first thing we kept was the dining room table and chairs. I loved the chairs (minus their nasty fabric seats which I have already recovered), but wasn't as fond of the two-toned table. However, you can't be too picky when necessity is calling. We needed a table. Who can turn away free and functional when the moolah isn't there to go pick one out yourself?

 The second thing we kept was the buffet. I really liked the shape and hardware, plus we needed the cabinet space. I've always known that I wanted to refinish or paint it, but decorating the house just hasn't been a priority since moving in. It is insanely hard to do anything creative or time consuming with a 2 year old and an infant.

Finally, I made myself buckle down and get it done. I set out a few months ago to "complete" my dining room, and I think it might just happen in the next week or so. I finished the buffet last week, curtains are on their way, and I've picked up some decor items. I'm excited to post it when it's all finished. Today I'll just share the transformed buffet.
The before:
First, I sanded the buffet down and applied a white primer.
After priming it, I sanded it again with a very fine paper before painting with with a white satin paint.

I couldn't decide whether to paint the hardware with a pewter metal spray or with a brown bronze. I decided on the bronze because it seemed to contrast better and I wanted to do bronze curtain rods. Here were my choices.
Tada! I was very happy with the finished product. Can't wait to pull the room together now!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Just in case you were wondering, it IS possible to be spit up on by one child while simultaneously being sneezed on by another. I'm just saying, it can happen. And it's pretty gross. Good thing the nastiness was caused by these two.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Dave

Happy 3rd Father's Day, Babe. You are one amazing father. You love our Parker and Graham so much, and I've seen you make changes to better yourself for them. I know that they can't quite show appreciation yet for all of your hard work and unselfishness, but they both adore you and until they are able to say it themselves, I'll say it. Thank You for being the man you are. I couldn't pick a better partner to help me raise these crazy critters.  I know that they are going to turn out to be great guys because they have an awesome daddy to follow. I love you. Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, too! I couldn't have asked for a Dad who makes me feel more supported, confident in my abilities, and grounded in what really matters in life. Thanks for pouring your life into making mine great for so many years, Daddy. I loved growing up in our family. Love You!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mo Hojo

Last blog on my giant hairy friend. The week turned out great. Not too many casualties to mention. The following are the only things that took a hit this week:

  • Mr. Frog, one of Parker's stuffed animals. He no longer has a head.
  • 3 alphabet blocks...they are just mysteriously missing
  • One of my small Rhododendron felt the wrath this only has one shoot left.
  • My azaleas out front are missing bottom limbs from her lying on them-apparently they are soft and cold.
  • Graham's upper thigh has a nice bruise from a Harley high-five
  • Parker's face has a nice scratch from trying to kiss the dog-she doesn't realize her feet are the size of a grown man's.
  • A leather football no longer has any leather on it.
  • A blue bouncy ball has lost its bounce.
  • A soccer ball is no longer round.
  • I think that's it.
Surprising, but Harley only leaves with one issue- a swollen eye. I think there might have been a bee in the Rhododendron who was happy about his home being destroyed. 

We hope you had a great vacation Hargraves family! Thanks for letting us watch your special dog. And, yes, I do mean short bus special. Harley is always welcome in our home, and despite her destructive behavior, we have grown to love her. (David only claims to like her, but she's working on him.) I will miss our snuggling in the evening and I'm sure she will miss the sprinkler and nightly brushings. Bye Hojo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 26th

Despite my husband coming down with a stomach bug on my  actual birthday, I had a great week. Twenty-six isn't so bad after all. Poor David, he tried so hard to not act sick and take me out to somewhere new and nice, but it was too apparent he was not well. The day started really well with lunch with my mother-in-law. She took me to this fabulous little Greek Crepe Place. Yuuuummy! David got home early form work ready to take me out, but then had to lay down because he didn't feel good. We went out anyway...not such a great decision. After eating 2 bites of his dinner, he got worse. We ended up back at home for the night and I ended up at my in-laws for the next day and a half while David got over his little bug. Though I was feeling a little bad for me and really bad for David, it turned out ok. Phil and Suzette helped with the kids, and I got to spend waaaay too much time chatting in the hot tub with my sissy Sarah. Good times. Thanks for all the great gifts, birthday wishes, and love everyone!


As many of you know, I have a chihuahua. She is cute and small. Sweet, and small. Black, and small. So, the point is...she's small. This week, I have a temporary new family member who is anything but small. In fact, my small dog is taking a vacation at NaNa's this week due to our guest. We are dog sitting. No, we are horse sitting. My great friend, Lynsey, is on vacay at the beach this week and no one besides me loves her dog. So, I volunteered to watch Ms. HoJo. Meet Harley Jo Hargraves. She's 7 months and and roughly 100 pounds. She's a sweet girl and I'm excited about the fun she'll bring to the Dunn house this week (not as excited for the hair and drool, but, no biggie, she goes home in 4 days.) Keep posted for the disasters adventures this week.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Young Love

I think Parker is in love. My friend Michelle came over the other day with her four children and we had a great time. The only two that may have enjoyed their time more than Michelle and I are Brooke and Parker. They kept having private conversations, holding hands, and snuggling. It was ridiculous. Ridiculously cute. Now, Brooke is an older woman so Parker will have to bring his "A" game. Not to mention, there's another family who plans on arranging their sons to marry the McCollam's daughters.  We'll just have to see who can come up with the better dowry. I won't mention who the other competing mom is, but I'll just say, "Watch out, Amy!" Just kidding. I'm not even beginning to think that far away yet, but I would be so blessed if my sons married into a family like theirs. I mom can only hope.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Day at Disney

Warning: Super long post ahead. I know blogging is supposed to be short and sweet, but today it's just going to be sweet. Sorry :)

During the whole trip to Florida, I was the most excited to take Parker to Disney. The day was so much fun, but I can tell Parker still didn't have the excitement that might exude from a 4 or 5 year old simply because he couldn't quite grasp what he was doing. I mean, doesn't he appreciate that he was able to go to a place that some people save their whole lives to visit? Gosh, Parker. Despite his lack of understanding how incredibly unique Disney is, he still loved the experience. Graham, he just enjoys anything.

Our highlights of the day:
We got there just in time to see the parade with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Buzz.

Cooling off on the tram that takes you around Tomorrow Land.
The Mad Tea Party was a hit, of course. I only let Parker spin it. I would have been ruined the rest of the day if David would have gotten involved.
I loved watching Graham take in all the action. He looked like this most of the day. Can you imagine what he was thinking?

Spending the day with my Parents was also special. They rarely get to be involved with "new" experiences since they live so far away so I was happy to share the boys' first trip to Disney with them.
The Buzz Light Year ride was a blast. You are trying to shoot at bad guys, and my husband was really trying to "win". He asked my parents who were in the get-up behind us what their scores were and their response, "We couldn't figure out how to get points." Parker just liked holding the knob down that made the individual cars spin. He was hysterical the whole time. Graham and I just held on for dear life.
One of may favorite parts of the day was when we saw Mickey's 3-D Philhar-magic show, or something like that. Anyway, Parker kept trying to grab the 3-D objects out of the air. We were cracking up watching him. Graham wouldn't leave his glasses on so he had to watch a fuzzy show.
The park wasn't too busy since we went on a weekday, but it cleared out even more when a thunderstorm hit around 2:00. It was kind of nice. We were riding Dumbo when the storm began. We rode through It's a Small World while the storm was at it's worst. 
You can tell my dad is really into the ride.
Parker really enjoyed going to Mickey's house.

What child from Florida doesn't have this shot on the carousel?
I told him to act dead. What a pro.
While in Fronteirland, the country bears and company came out and started dancing with children. Parker got picked. Though he's not really a shy child, I'm not sure he liked some random chick with pigtails grabbing his hand and making him frolic in a circle. He gave her some nasty looks, but I enjoyed the whole thing.
Congo River Cruise. I don't really get this ride, but I think Parker liked it.
When we ask Parker what his favorite part of the day was, he says meeting Pluto. It was pretty cool. On our way out of the Park, I was feeling kind of bad because Parker hadn't gotten to meet Mickey. Then, we see Pluto near the exit taking pictures with kids. We got in line. When it was finally Parker's turn, he almost knocked Pluto over to hug him. You would have thought they were long lost best friends.
Great ending to a great day. I never got to ride Space Mountain or Splash Mountain, but I guess that's what happens when you grow up. Sad. We were all tuckered while leaving the Park, but Graham left with smiles despite only have slept for one short nap the whole day. Can't wait until they are a little older to do it again!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial and Birthday Celebrations

We weren't able to do what we had hoped to do on memorial day due to Parker still recovering from the fever, but we made it a great day anyway. We took the kids over to the fabulous pool at my parent's condo. Who wouldn't love to have this in their back yard?
Parker doesn't have a whole lot of apprehensions about things, but swimming in pools has always made him nervous. I had been working with him over the winter at the YWCA and had made huge strides. Then...I didn't take him for 2 months. I hoped I hadn't lost ground with his confidence in the water, but realized after he clung to me like a koala bear that he was again terrified. Eye yi yi. It took about an hour of me working with him again for him to let go and just swim with his arm floaties. By the end if the day, he was having a blast and didn't want any help.
Taking a break for lunch.

This is how Graham enjoys the pool.
Parker and Daddy having fun and Parker showing daddy what a tan can look like if you don't work everyday.
MeMaw and her little man.
Later in the day we did a few fireworks. Yes, I am fully aware they would be prettier at night, however, my kids go to bed by 7:30.  So, day fireworks it was. Parker was really into them. Graham, not so much.
The last day in Florida we got together with some of my Florida family and had a pool party. They got me a birthday cake since I'll be 26 on Friday. Boooo to the 26, but yay for the delicious chocolate cake!

Parker and Nate Dog playing basketball. When Nathan and I were growing up we spent hours in this pool playing together. Miss you, bud!

Graham and GG.
Looking a bit rough after swimming, but excited to bake with Martha. 

Oh! I totally forgot. The morning before our pool party my dad took Parker fishing for the first time. they just went across the street to the Florida Carriage Museum, but Parker enjoyed the experience and still talks about the tiny bluegill he caught. My dad would get them hooked and Parker would help reel them in. He was so proud.
Too cute, huh? 

The last vacation post will be tomorrow...Disney World!