Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Day at Disney

Warning: Super long post ahead. I know blogging is supposed to be short and sweet, but today it's just going to be sweet. Sorry :)

During the whole trip to Florida, I was the most excited to take Parker to Disney. The day was so much fun, but I can tell Parker still didn't have the excitement that might exude from a 4 or 5 year old simply because he couldn't quite grasp what he was doing. I mean, doesn't he appreciate that he was able to go to a place that some people save their whole lives to visit? Gosh, Parker. Despite his lack of understanding how incredibly unique Disney is, he still loved the experience. Graham, he just enjoys anything.

Our highlights of the day:
We got there just in time to see the parade with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Buzz.

Cooling off on the tram that takes you around Tomorrow Land.
The Mad Tea Party was a hit, of course. I only let Parker spin it. I would have been ruined the rest of the day if David would have gotten involved.
I loved watching Graham take in all the action. He looked like this most of the day. Can you imagine what he was thinking?

Spending the day with my Parents was also special. They rarely get to be involved with "new" experiences since they live so far away so I was happy to share the boys' first trip to Disney with them.
The Buzz Light Year ride was a blast. You are trying to shoot at bad guys, and my husband was really trying to "win". He asked my parents who were in the get-up behind us what their scores were and their response, "We couldn't figure out how to get points." Parker just liked holding the knob down that made the individual cars spin. He was hysterical the whole time. Graham and I just held on for dear life.
One of may favorite parts of the day was when we saw Mickey's 3-D Philhar-magic show, or something like that. Anyway, Parker kept trying to grab the 3-D objects out of the air. We were cracking up watching him. Graham wouldn't leave his glasses on so he had to watch a fuzzy show.
The park wasn't too busy since we went on a weekday, but it cleared out even more when a thunderstorm hit around 2:00. It was kind of nice. We were riding Dumbo when the storm began. We rode through It's a Small World while the storm was at it's worst. 
You can tell my dad is really into the ride.
Parker really enjoyed going to Mickey's house.

What child from Florida doesn't have this shot on the carousel?
I told him to act dead. What a pro.
While in Fronteirland, the country bears and company came out and started dancing with children. Parker got picked. Though he's not really a shy child, I'm not sure he liked some random chick with pigtails grabbing his hand and making him frolic in a circle. He gave her some nasty looks, but I enjoyed the whole thing.
Congo River Cruise. I don't really get this ride, but I think Parker liked it.
When we ask Parker what his favorite part of the day was, he says meeting Pluto. It was pretty cool. On our way out of the Park, I was feeling kind of bad because Parker hadn't gotten to meet Mickey. Then, we see Pluto near the exit taking pictures with kids. We got in line. When it was finally Parker's turn, he almost knocked Pluto over to hug him. You would have thought they were long lost best friends.
Great ending to a great day. I never got to ride Space Mountain or Splash Mountain, but I guess that's what happens when you grow up. Sad. We were all tuckered while leaving the Park, but Graham left with smiles despite only have slept for one short nap the whole day. Can't wait until they are a little older to do it again!


Heidi said...

1. The pic of Parker at Mickey's House is so stinkin' cute.

2. I totally have that pic of me on the carousel. I'm probably about Parker's age. Definitely have to get one of Lincoln one day.

3. Parker looks like the happiest kid in the world in his Pluto pic!

4. Graham is cute as usual ;)

Lauren Kelly said...

SO fun and special!!!!! Loved the facial expressions of Parker. You could tell he was like a kid in a candy store. How neat to be able to experience Disney thru the eyes of your child!!!! :)