Monday, June 28, 2010

Buffet Makeover

When we moved into our home, there were a few pieces of furniture that were left here by the seller.  We only kept two pieces of her very Asian-themed decor since I don't have the same taste as a eighty year old woman who's obsessed with the Orient. The first thing we kept was the dining room table and chairs. I loved the chairs (minus their nasty fabric seats which I have already recovered), but wasn't as fond of the two-toned table. However, you can't be too picky when necessity is calling. We needed a table. Who can turn away free and functional when the moolah isn't there to go pick one out yourself?

 The second thing we kept was the buffet. I really liked the shape and hardware, plus we needed the cabinet space. I've always known that I wanted to refinish or paint it, but decorating the house just hasn't been a priority since moving in. It is insanely hard to do anything creative or time consuming with a 2 year old and an infant.

Finally, I made myself buckle down and get it done. I set out a few months ago to "complete" my dining room, and I think it might just happen in the next week or so. I finished the buffet last week, curtains are on their way, and I've picked up some decor items. I'm excited to post it when it's all finished. Today I'll just share the transformed buffet.
The before:
First, I sanded the buffet down and applied a white primer.
After priming it, I sanded it again with a very fine paper before painting with with a white satin paint.

I couldn't decide whether to paint the hardware with a pewter metal spray or with a brown bronze. I decided on the bronze because it seemed to contrast better and I wanted to do bronze curtain rods. Here were my choices.
Tada! I was very happy with the finished product. Can't wait to pull the room together now!


Sarah Richey said...

You did a great job - it looks awesome!! I LOVE doing projects like this. Can't wait to see your finished dining room!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it! And go you for getting this done! I understand the feeling of trying to do something productive while caring for your small children. That is an accomplishment in itself!
Ashley Fisher

stephen said...

cute!!!! can't wait to see pics of the room when it is all done!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh goodness, turned out amazing girl. Love it!! :)