Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mo Hojo

Last blog on my giant hairy friend. The week turned out great. Not too many casualties to mention. The following are the only things that took a hit this week:

  • Mr. Frog, one of Parker's stuffed animals. He no longer has a head.
  • 3 alphabet blocks...they are just mysteriously missing
  • One of my small Rhododendron felt the wrath this only has one shoot left.
  • My azaleas out front are missing bottom limbs from her lying on them-apparently they are soft and cold.
  • Graham's upper thigh has a nice bruise from a Harley high-five
  • Parker's face has a nice scratch from trying to kiss the dog-she doesn't realize her feet are the size of a grown man's.
  • A leather football no longer has any leather on it.
  • A blue bouncy ball has lost its bounce.
  • A soccer ball is no longer round.
  • I think that's it.
Surprising, but Harley only leaves with one issue- a swollen eye. I think there might have been a bee in the Rhododendron who was happy about his home being destroyed. 

We hope you had a great vacation Hargraves family! Thanks for letting us watch your special dog. And, yes, I do mean short bus special. Harley is always welcome in our home, and despite her destructive behavior, we have grown to love her. (David only claims to like her, but she's working on him.) I will miss our snuggling in the evening and I'm sure she will miss the sprinkler and nightly brushings. Bye Hojo.


Lynsey said...

I apologize for all the casualities, but I will say that I am thankful it wasn't one of your kids! We had a great trip, and it means so much knowing Harley was loved and taken care of. Thanks again!

Eric and Emily said...

you are CRAZY! But, I would have done the same! you are really funny steph! Love that last picture of Parker watering the dog! Sorry I missed your call- we are IN and Chicago for a while so hopefully I'll get a sec to call soon! Love you so much!