Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial and Birthday Celebrations

We weren't able to do what we had hoped to do on memorial day due to Parker still recovering from the fever, but we made it a great day anyway. We took the kids over to the fabulous pool at my parent's condo. Who wouldn't love to have this in their back yard?
Parker doesn't have a whole lot of apprehensions about things, but swimming in pools has always made him nervous. I had been working with him over the winter at the YWCA and had made huge strides. Then...I didn't take him for 2 months. I hoped I hadn't lost ground with his confidence in the water, but realized after he clung to me like a koala bear that he was again terrified. Eye yi yi. It took about an hour of me working with him again for him to let go and just swim with his arm floaties. By the end if the day, he was having a blast and didn't want any help.
Taking a break for lunch.

This is how Graham enjoys the pool.
Parker and Daddy having fun and Parker showing daddy what a tan can look like if you don't work everyday.
MeMaw and her little man.
Later in the day we did a few fireworks. Yes, I am fully aware they would be prettier at night, however, my kids go to bed by 7:30.  So, day fireworks it was. Parker was really into them. Graham, not so much.
The last day in Florida we got together with some of my Florida family and had a pool party. They got me a birthday cake since I'll be 26 on Friday. Boooo to the 26, but yay for the delicious chocolate cake!

Parker and Nate Dog playing basketball. When Nathan and I were growing up we spent hours in this pool playing together. Miss you, bud!

Graham and GG.
Looking a bit rough after swimming, but excited to bake with Martha. 

Oh! I totally forgot. The morning before our pool party my dad took Parker fishing for the first time. they just went across the street to the Florida Carriage Museum, but Parker enjoyed the experience and still talks about the tiny bluegill he caught. My dad would get them hooked and Parker would help reel them in. He was so proud.
Too cute, huh? 

The last vacation post will be tomorrow...Disney World!


Lauren Kelly said...

So fun!!!! And I TOTALLY forgot we had the same birthday Stephanie, haha!!! Happy early birthday, girl!! :)

Lynsey said...

Um, you are right that pool is amazing!! Can't wait to try out some of those new cupcakes- feel free to have some baked up when we come down on Sunday! Lynsey