Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping, Cookies, Lights...and Tears.

Our calendar activities continue. 

Day 16- Decorate Cookies 
Day 17- Go shopping for Mommy, Daddy, and Brother
Day 18-Drive around to see lights.

The boys waiting for mommy to check out. They had so much fun shopping for each other. Graham only mildly understands the concept of something not being for him, but better to start early right? 
 The funniest part about this picture other than the fact my husband was taking a picture of me with a shopping cart in Target is...
 ...what my boys were doing under the cart.
 There were a few flakes falling on our way to load up the car and Parker was trying to catch them in his mouth.
 Rolling the dough.
 Graham did a superb job decorating his reindeer. If you can't tell, his masterpieces are on the left.
 Parker was very particular about the color and placement of his m&m's.
 Graham shut the party down when I wouldn't let him eat the raw cookies. I probably should have left this activity up to just Parker. Oh well. Here's to a good try.
 You can see how happy he was about the cookie decorating.
 My little baker.
 Waiting for the cookies to be finished. A long 8-10 minutes.
 Ready to find some lights! We decided to just stay close to our house because it was getting late. These big smiles are from the egg nog I put in there sippy cups ;)
 I told the boys to pick out their favorite house. This one won.
The victory for this house had nothing to do with the fact that they had a Brachiosaurus, a train, and a helicopter all in one yard.
 Really enjoying this year and the memories I am making with my boys. Maybe next year Graham will actually get the idea of cookie decorating and find some joy in the process. Let's hope. No more baking drama.


Anonymous said...

love it, maybe I can do cookies with you one year while they still like doing freeked me out with dark hair again. Can't wait to see you all again Christmas! Love momma

Stephanie McCollam said...

Definitely laughed out loud at Graham's cookies! So cute!