Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dinosaur Tree

The first thing we did to decorate our house for Christmas a few weeks ago was put up a tree in the boys' room.

Dollar store dinos + mod podge + gold glitter = perfect toddler tree decor. I just wish I would have used green and blue glitter. Next year :)

We've been adding ornaments like crazy from all his projects at school and church. There are many interesting versions of baby Jesus hangin' with Triceratops. What a combo.


Heidi said...

Love their little tree. Perfect for the boys. Plus I like anything sparkly.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect combination--Jesus and dinosaurs--after all dinosaurs are part of God's creatures.

I think the important concept was getting them involved in choosing how to decorate their room. No loss of autonomy and since they feel like they were vital to the decision making process, the ornaments, the tree becomes valuable (not only as an asthetic decoration)in becoming a family tradition.