Monday, December 5, 2011

3,4,5, and some T-Rex

I botched up our day three activity. I was planning on taking Parker to this local comedy show that was doing a Christmas special, but realized the day of the show that it didn't start until 8:00 pm. Ooops. Parker would have been fine most likely, but we had to get up rather early the next day. I apologized to him because he was really excited. I made it up to him by taking him to see Aurthur Christmas in 3D at the theater. He loved it. Score.
Day four involved making lists. I decided it would be good for us all to think about what we were thankful for before we began wanting. They boys enjoyed decorating the lists with stickers. 
 Since he felt the need to cover his words with stickers, I'll tell you Graham's #3 is trains and his #5 is Parker.
 Mommy and Daddy need to work on having cheaper wants. Graham covered his second desire with a snowflake, but it was funny. He wants a cracker. Easy enough.
The first thing Parker does when he gets up in the morning is run to the calendar. This morning was Graham's first day joining him. The veteran helped the newbie see how it was done.
 Day 5 read, "Cook a breakfast dinner with mommy." Parker was all about it. We ran short on time tonight, so we whipped up some eggs, with sausage links and spinach. The boys helped me cut up the little smokies (which they called mini hot dogs because they had never seen them before). Don't worry, the knife blades are completely dull. No lost fingers.
 Mini sous chef number two can be demanding sometimes.
 Look at that face. I mean, he was serious about some cutting.
 Adding the spinach like a pro.
 The face of approval.
 Big 'ol raspberry.
 They got cleaned up after dinner...
 ...and put on their pajamas. They were beside themselves because both had a T-Rex on their shirt. I mean, really, how cool is that? You have no idea.
 I couldn't get a picture in focus because Graham wouldn't quit jumping.
So easy to please. Tacky pj's and we're good to go.

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Heidi said...

I like Graham's wish list. Glad you have a pic of that to show him later. So funny.