Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Number Two

My parents couldn't be with us on December 25th this year, but they made it up here for a few hours the next day to do Christmas with us. I was a little worried my boys were going to expect the tree to just keep "refilling" with gifts because we had emptied it on Christmas and then it was full again the next day. We are so blessed...I hope my boys learn that at an early age.
 He did not get this for Christmas, but this picture cracked me up.
 Excited about some sea creatures!
 This kid loves him some sting rays.
 David got some new kicks. He's elated. I wish we had a boat to go with those boat shoes.
 My dad needed some smelly spray that wasn't for hunting. I'm pretty sure Lacoste smells a heck of a lot better than doe urine or whatever that deer luring spray is made of.
 If you know my Grandma, you know this woman is never caught without a disposable camera in hand. She's like an official disposable camera photog.
 I had way too much fun with gift wrapping this year. Everyone will probably get tin-foil wrapped gifts next year because I'll be over the whole "pretty gift" thing. Ummm...doubt it.
 New Gator jerseys!
 I am a very happy girl. New machine!

I packed up all the Christmas decor yesterday. It was awful. I shed a few tears and felt miserable. What in the world? I've never had issues putting away the tinsel before, but this year was so difficult. Maybe because I had so much fun, it was just hard to let it go. I don't know. My house feels empty and so boring after all the coziness of Christmas. I've got to get on the Valentine's Day bandwagon so that I have something to make my house feel more like a home again. Actually, writing that just got me a little excited about some projects I have planned :) It's the only time of year I feel pink is allowed to enter my home. Bring it on!!!!


Lynsey said...

So cute! I loved Parker's hair style- he looks so old! I'm sure you will have lots of things to keep you busy, plus, Reedy's party is right after Valentine's day! Nothing like bugs after a bunch of pink!

Jill said...

Love it all! I actually felt the same way about taking it down this year...empty! My girls said, "the walls are so empty!" I already got a jump on valentines, but some after christmas sales-girlsdayspa and some big red chocolate kisses!

DavidandSteff said...

@Lyn. I am excite about Reedy bug's partaaaay!

@Jill. I love after Christmas shopping. it's better than black friday!