Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coffee Love

I hate to throw away any container that is glass or metal. It's weird, yet has proved to be beneficial many times. I have a plastic container downstairs that is full of spaghetti sauce jars, wine bottles, coffee tins, baby food jars, etc. You just never know when you might need one for decor, a gift, or a cute project. I rummaged through the bin this time and pulled out an old coffee canister for a project. This was my inspiration. I found it on the Family Chic blog.
I wanted a bigger version so that's why I used a coffee canister instead of a soup can. I didn't really like the white, so I left the tin its original color. Also, so that it would stand out more, I chose to use a ribbon I had instead of embroidery thread.  I used a knife to poke the holes and then a kabob skewer to make the knife slit round (I'm sure there is a better way). I finished it off by using a little red acrylic paint around the top and bottom to make it pop. Parker picked out the pink flowers for inside the tin, and voila!
I've got some exciting news for my next blog. Parker and Graham have both made had a big accomplishment. Can't wait to share!!!


Heidi said...

Love these. Really cute.

We Don't Eat Bugs said...

Ok- now I want to make this too!!

Anonymous said...

Your are awesome, do you want me to start saving all my junk? Could be some real treasures in there for ya? Momma

The Ness Story said...

love it! did you make that basket lamp shade too???

DavidandSteff said...

@ Heidi- Thanks! Prettier than the flowerless preview I sent you a few weeks ago, huh?

@Michelle- do it. I'm sure you got lots of girly ribbon around that house!

@Momma- i think I have enough junk as it is! Thank you :)

@Emily- Yes...I made it back in the summer.