Monday, January 16, 2012

Hill of a Time!

So, we have a huge hill for a back yard. Welcome to Charleston. It's so hard to find any property in the city that isn't on the top, side, or bottom of a hill. Our hill has always been annoying to me until Friday. We got a small amount of snow and since this year has basically been void of the pretty white stuff, I decided we had better get out and enjoy it. After bundling up for the 23 degree frigidness, we climbed halfway up the hill. Actually, just the boys did while I stayed at the bottom. David got them set up and let 'em fly. I caught them at the bottom to keep them from flying off the wall. It worked perfectly. There was so much laughter coming from those two little boys. I think David and I had just as much fun until I tried to sled down the hill, flew off the wall, and landed on my butt in the mud. Not cool. That was enough for me.
Later this week, it's suppose to hit 65 degrees. This is wild people. I can't believe how easy winter has been this year. I'll take it!


Heidi said...

I love the boys in their fluffy snow gear.

Tracy said...

I am loving this mild winter! My boys hated being in the snow, but they like eating it and looking at it! lol

DavidandSteff said...

@Heidi-they look like big miss-matched marshmallows.

@Tracy- I can't believe they hated it! Make sure they don't eat any yellow snow-lol.