Wednesday, November 16, 2011

scrap fabric ornament

As often as I can, I try to get the boys involved in crafty projects. I love to make things and I enjoy sharing that fun with them. I don't care that they are boys. They love being artsy and I want to encourage that aspect of their creativeness. Mind you, Grammy is a little young to help much with any of my projects, but even he gets a thrill out of a paint brush or yarn ball. Last week he helped me make a prototype Christmas tree for our upcoming, first ever Girls' Craft Night (I am soooooooo excited!!!). I would place hot glue dots on the yarn tree and Graham would, very carefully, assign a pom pom to the spot. He was very proud of his job.

On this particular scrap fabric ornament, Parker and I waited until Grammy took a nap so that the whole kitchen didn't get lathered in Mod Podge. Parker was actually a big help.

I found this inspiration ornament on Pinterest for something Parker and I could do together. 

I wanted to change it a little to make it ours so I got out my basket of scrap fabric. Don't you just love the endless opportunities you have with scraps? Parker and I picked a few and laid out our supplies. (I forgot the popsicle sticks in this picture.) What's so great about this little project, besides the fact that my 4 year old could help with most of it, is I didn't need to buy anything.
 After cutting the popsicle sticks into varying lengths for the branches, Parker painted on some Mod Podge while I covered the stick with a strip of fabric.
Parker then painted all the sticks that would be the tree trunks.
 I promise, he actually really enjoys his alone time with me ;)
 Once the Mod Podge dried, I used sharp scissors to cut closely around the popsicle stick. We then glued the fabric-covered sticks onto the brown painted "trunks" and let them dry. I was out of hot glue sticks or I would have just hot glued them together (would have been much easier than all the extra Mod Podge.)
 We added a ribbon bow on top...
 ...and a twine hoop for hanging the ornament.
TA DA! All finished. We made 6 total. I think they are quite charming. A bit colorful, yes, but I'm kind of digging that this Christmas season.
I blame the crooked branch on Parker ;)


Mary V. said...

Steph!! This makes me want to be at your craft night!!!

The Ness Story said...

so so sweet. much cuter than the inspiration :) keep posting your ideas!!!

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