Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Couple of Things...

Originally, Parker was going to be a gum ball machine for Halloween 2011. I thought it would be the cutest thing ever and he loves balloons (which would have been the gum balls). I had decided to make Graham a baby version of Albert Einstein. Well, that all got thrown out the window while Parker was watching a Cat in the Hat episode one morning. He suggested that he should be Thing 1. I thought it sounded like a perfect idea since Graham could be Thing 2. Though I was sad I couldn't make Graham's long hair wild and white, I imagined wild blue wigs blowing in the wind to cheer me up ;)
Their outfits were made with red flannel pj's, black puff paint on white felt, and a blue feather boa hot glued onto a hat I found at Jo-Ann's. Don't their characters totally fit their true personalities?
Some people ask how I get my kids to sit still for pictures. Well, I took a million for starters, and candy corn for bribes works like a charm. When you don't feed your kids candy on a daily basis, they are helpless to overcome its power. They'll do anything for it ;)
Even hug their brother.
Their reaction to being told they were getting candy corn for sitting still enough for pictures.
And of course, Thing Two has to do everything Thing One does.
Thing Two's hair was never on his head straight.
Do I always look this tired from my Things?
Um, does anyone else thing Graham looks just like David in this picture?
I said, "Say Woo!" Mom obliged, Graham stared, and Parker looks like he's praising the Lord.
Hittin' the streets.
This hair blowing in the wind is exactly what I imagined. It made me laugh all night.
Thing Two had a hard time keeping up with Thing One.
Feeling intimidated.
I can't believe how into it he was this year. He ran as fast as he could door to door collecting as much loot as possible. That's my boy! I trained him to look for good candy.
Thing Two kept messing with his hair and ended up looking a little like Daniel Boone. Should have used a little more hot glue.
Sharing his sucker with Mommy ;) She did not mind at all if they do.
The sucker really slowed him down. This picture is a great example of why everyone should learn to use their camera on manual. I handed the camera to David and set it on auto. The auto slowed down the shutter speed to allow in more light, but auto didn't know that we were trying to capture life in motion. Blurry feet.
Halloween sugar coma.
Jumping with excitement!
He really doesn't know how to walk.
Graham got tired so he sat down and decided to survey his inventory.
Daddy is a great option when little legs get tired.
Notice the chocolate running down his face.
Three generations of Things.
Aunt Jenny stayed at our house to hand out the candy. Parker finished the night by helping her.
I love the sweet Things of life.
I hope everyone had a safe, fun Halloween night and ended up with as much sugar as we did!


Kelly Pearce said...

Your boys are so cute! Love their brotherly love!

Heidi said...

I was kind of sad that Einstein got scratched, but these costumes were perfect for them and so adorable. Love it.

Ashley - said...

Awesome! I literally laughed out loud from the picture with the blue hair blowing in the wind! Haha. Also, I thought of a Dr. Seuss rat tail in the Daniel Boone one (clearly I'm from WV to have thought that) :)

Anonymous said...

This was the highlight of my trip....your boys, my GREAT nephews are adorable, inside and out! The captions are priceless!
Aunt Jenny