Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute 'lil Garden

When I left for our 6 day Florida trip, this is what my little garden looked like.
 If you're wondering what the brown stuff around my green beans is, I am using grass clippings to hold the moisture in the soil, and there wasn't enough to cover the whole garden. Now, after another good yard mowing, everything is nice and grass covered. I'm essentially really cheap and didn't want to buy mulch since I highly doubt this whole garden thing is going to be very profitable.  I noticed that the leaves of my garden were kind of turning yellow, so I went out and bought some organic fertilizer. I didn't really expect it to work. I. Was. Wrong. Six days later I came home to this.
 What? I know! Amazing. I'm actually starting to think I might get some produce out of this garden. What a concept. I already have like 30 green beans and my first flower appeared on a Zucchini plant.
I am now a firm believer in organic fertilizer. I know I might sound like such a nerd, but I really enjoy gardening. I can't wait until the day I can have one bigger than 4x4. I guess you have to start somewhere. For those of you who are already harvesting veggies, kudos to you. I probably won't get a zucchini until Christmas. That's what I get for being adamant about starting from seeds in WV. The whole project started like this. I think we've come a long way. Either way, the kids and I (but mostly I) have had fun making and taking care of this modest garden. How's everyone else doing with growing this year?


Tracy said...

I want to know what fertilizer you used!! We started from seeds, and I think we transplanted too late. At least we'll have early autumn tomatoes!!

The Ness Story said...

Hi friend!!! Get it gardner lady! I love those raised beds. I just have a couple plants but we ate our first summer squash the other night- Eric was so proud! We do lots of herbs (not from seeds) bc that is instant gratification and adds a lot to meals. You will have a ton by the end of the summer!

mattksgirls said...

looking beautiful!!! just read yesterday a few comments on about organic fertilizer and soil - great comments! happy gardening!

Kelly Pearce said...

Love your raised garden! We have one too and it is so fun to watch it grow, just wait till you start harvesting it!