Saturday, June 25, 2011

Myrtle Beach with Family

Six days on the beach + loads of fun + lots of family and friends = TOO many pictures. To address this issue, I've decided to do three separate posts. One with family, one with friends, and one about our Father's day date night.

The trip there wasn't bad at all. The boys traveled well like usual, and in the spirit of the beach, we had fun with our sand buckets on the way. They were a perfect cracker holder and hat ;)

We stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and let the boys run around in a field to get some of their energy out. We have to do this every trip we take, and they love it.

I don't know what the final count ended up being, but I know that there were a lot of Dunn's and Providenti's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last week. It was a little wild, but really fun. I couldn't believe how much my boys loved the ocean. I mean, I know how much I loved it, but our past experiences with Parker were nothing like this trip. He LOVED the waves and sand. Graham was a baby last time we were at the ocean so we were unsure how his reaction would go. Would he be timid like Parker initially was, or dive in like a natural? This first picture says is all.
 He couldn't get to the water fast enough. We had to keep our eye on him since he had little to no fear in regards to how far out he would venture.

Graham didn't seem to go along with the idea that on vacation you are to sleep in. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning at 6 am. Thank God for a morning Poppy. They hung out everyday til Mommy or Daddy rolled out of bed around seven.
We were seriously on the beach by 8:00 some mornings. I kind of liked it. The sky wasn't pretty and blue yet, but the sun rays were much more mild.
My boys really enjoyed the time with their cousins. 

And so did we!

Isn't putt-putt a must at the beach? I totally came in last place. What's new? These two are cutting up like normal. This pic's for you Michael, since you so closely follow my blog. Michael is an awesome mini-golfer. He essentially got par two every time, well, except for the few times he got par 6. :)
Our hotel had a really neat water park that made a great alternative to constant salt water and sand. It was refreshing after being at the ocean.

There was so much to do and see, but I really just wanted to hang out at the water's edge because I so miss the beauty of the ocean. It was hard to pry me away from it.

 Doesn't he look so little.
 I wish I hadn't cropped out his foot in this one...I love his expression.
 I was able to enjoy my time at the because these two people REALLY helped out with the boys and made the trip possible. Thanks so much!
Isn't beach food the best?

Yes, I let him enjoy some sugary lemonade-it was amazing!
The few thunderstorms were fun to watch from our balcony.
Thanks, Tommy, for getting a few of us together!
 Graham likes to pick his nose for pictures. I really can't stop him.
I can't wait until our next beach trip! In my completely biased opinion, these two are the cutest little boys on earth.


Lynsey said...

Love the last pictures of the boys, they are too cute! It is getting me very excited for the friends post- can't wait to see it and all the gators!

Tracy said...

omg Sam used to pick his nose anytime Mom introduced him to people! It made her crazy!! lol
I want details of where you ate and all so we can try some new stuff. We found Fun Warehouse last time. It's an indoor recreation place with laser tag, roller skating, inflatables, etc.

Anonymous said...

These are great pics you guys, looks like so much fun. So glad you had a good time. Dad & Mom

The Ness Story said...

SUch good pics.. again! THe one of y'all all together toward the bottom looks like a generic CHristmas card pic it is so good :) I have that hat and love that cover up(I have some stuff from world market in that fab) text me where it is from when you have a sec!!!

Erin Petry said...

LOVE this family! Great pics Steff. Send hugs and love to all the Dunns.