Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not another post on Myrtle Beach...

...yet, another post on Myrtle. Meet our newest member, the South Carolinian hermit crab,  
Crabby Myrtle. 
 Isn't she purty? Some guy found her (I use "her" loosely since I really don't know) on the beach and gave her to my boys who were smitten. In fact, all the kids in the family wanted a piece of Myrtle.

I have a history with smuggling crabs home from vacation. Some of you might recall me stashing a Jamaican crab in my suitcase 3 years ago. His name was Joe and he was awesome. 
He lived about a year with our family before committing suicide. He refused to pick a shell out of the abundant options I gave him when he grew out of his little white Jamaican home. I guess American shells weren't good enough? Anyway, to put it nicely. He dried up. Sad. Parker is excited to have a replacement.
 Crabby Myrtle gets to sit as decor on out souvenir travel shelf. Maybe I'll get her a new prettier vase from our next vacation if she decides to hang around.
Did I just blog about a hermit crab? Must. Get. A. Life.

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