Wednesday, June 29, 2011

West Virginia Beach

David and I are in the slow process of creating a "play" area in our backyard. We are very limited on space, but until I have a southern cottage on at least 5 acres with a stream running through it (dream land), I am going to make the best of the yard I have. With two boys, outdoor time is a MUST!

After researching what we think would be the most practical play things for the boys, we decided to go with a sand box, a little wooden cabin, and a possible swing. I've even considered an in-ground mini-trampoline. Still debating this idea.

I found a few ideas for a sand box on Pinterest.

I love the way this first one by Pottery Barn looks, but it's not really practical since I don't need the canopy. The play area is already 100% shaded by a ginormous oak tree. Other options had cute umbrellas, but in reality, my boys would just pull one out and break it. Pointless as well.

 This second one looks more simple (necessary since I would be making it) but I opted to not make seats on the edge because they looked like something my kids would just hit their shins on. Plus, what kid just sits on the edge of a sand box? Definitely not my see-how-dirty-we-can-get boys.
After figuring out that I only really needed two pre-treated 2x10x8's cut in half and a few wood screws, I was off to Lowes to build it myself. I also got some recycled plastic weed-block to keep the underneath mud/dirt from to easily mixing with the new pretty white sand. Besides stripping a few screws, the project went down without a major hitch. I mean, really, I just screwed 4 boards together. Yet, I'm proud of it.  You should have seen me trying to carry the big 'ol thing to the back yard.

It took me an hour and a half to build the 4x4 box, lay down the weed-block material, and get the sand dumped in. Yes, I loaded in the car and carried to their final resting place ten 50lb bags of play sand. I could hardly get out of bed the next day because I was so sore. It was all worth it. My boys LOVE their sand box! 

I still have plans to make a cute bunting for around the outside edge. I've got a few laminated fabrics in mind that I think would do well outside in the weather for summertime. I should wait to show you the finished product, but I can't help but post how much fun they are already having in their new toy! Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be able to unveil our new outdoor play area. Yay for summer!

 I seeded all around the box with grass seed so hopefully by next week we'll have grass and not mud. That would be so nice.
 They were covered from head to toe in sand. We had to implement a new rule. Sand cannot be poured onto siblings' heads. It was a really fun game until sand got into their eyes. Not good.
 Favorite activity in the sand? Burying cars.
 Don't you love the strand of drool that decorates his chin? It's always there.
 Parker decided to lay down in the sand to make sand angels. This, I suppose, is how it got in his ears.
 Sand makes them happy. Or whatever this face is.

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