Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lil' P's Day

Sweet Parker,

A few weeks ago, you turned four years old. Mommy is in shock. I can't believe my little 6 pound 9 ounce baby is now waist height and way too heavy for me to carry. You are so much fun. Seriously. I cherish the times when I get to  hang out with just you. Not that Daddy and Graham aren't way cool too, but you and I have something special.

You never lack any personality. While thinking of words to describe you, too many come to mind. I'll never be able to paint the perfect little picture of who you are because you are so many things. So many opposite things. Let me explain. You are one of the sweetest, most touchy lovey little boys on earth. However, you have a bit of aggression as well. Daddy and I are doing out best to shape that part of you into something that drives you instead of something that controls you.

You are so smart. It sometimes gets you into trouble. You love to learn and read which makes me really happy. You take after mommy and daddy and have some control issues. We are working on that as a family. I hope to help turn your bossiness into leadership and I know you'll get to use your negotiating/manipulation skills for something good some day.

Despite some of your impulsive actions, you really care about others and have a sweet disposition. You are always trying to make sure everyone is okay and you don't like when others get made fun of. I like that about you. I would love to see you turn into a confident kid who stands up for others.

You are a little on the loud side. I don't mind it outside sometimes, but we are working on not annoying others with out of control volume levels. You don't really have a timid bone in your body. You like to talk. A lot. In fact, I don't think you stop talking from sun up to sun down...unless you're watching a show. You love shows. I have to limit you.

You love to play with cars, trains, and dinosaurs. You always have one of them in your hands at all times. You are such a good little eater and have an insatiable sweet tooth like me. You would eat any amount of vegetables I require to get a piece of chocolate.

You love the outdoors and everything in it. I hope to teach you to appreciate and enjoy God's beautiful world. We spend hours each day outside. I like it that way. I hope to go South some day so that we aren't cooped up indoors for so many cold winter months.

I love you so much Parker. You have stretched me and challenged me more than I would have ever wanted, but I am so thankful that because of you, I am a better person. Let's keep growing together. I'm am beyond excited to experience your fourth year of life with our family and watch you keep developing into such a neat little man.


We did a lot of celebrating for Parker's big day. Not only did we spend July 17th doing whatever he wanted, we took him to King's Island with a friend and had a combined birthday party with his brother. (I'll be doing separate posts for both of those special days!)

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Heidi said...

I love Lil P so much. He'll always be special since he was the first baby of our "family". I'll never forget meeting him for the first time as a 10 day old baby boy and being so amazed that he belonged to you. So crazy.

Parker is so clever, spunky & witty, and I just love that about him! So glad I got to celebrate with you guys this weekend!