Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kings Island 2011

Parker is so blessed to have a younger brother who is only two years younger than him. He doesn't realize it always now, but I know he will when he is older. Though I am the younger of two siblings, I am still aware of the difficulties Parker faces due to his birth order. Sorry, bud. That's life. He does get in trouble more often and, already at 4, he has some older sibling responsibilities. Ever so often, though, I try to make him feel special and give him some advantages for being the big boy in the family. Getting to go to King's Island with just Mommy and Daddy was one of those special privileges. I felt a little guilty for not bringing Graham in on the fun, but once there, I was thankful we kept the day 23-month-old-free :) It really worked out because our friends, the Hargraves, came with us and left their littlest behind with a grandparent as well. Parker and Dylan had so much fun roaming around without being slowed down by a younger sibling. 

*I hear all of you laughing at my tacky flip flops...stop it. It's not nice. My feet were thankful I didn't go with the cute option.
Waiting not-so patiently to get in.
 He was so concerned that we were going to wait all day.
 Cutest little pilots ever.
 He's a little young to be taking a woman out for a drive. If only I could give him a 1/10 mile track to stay on when he is 16. Lord help me.
 I got Mr. Camera Shy to look at me a few times.
 We weren't sure how Parker would do with the thrill factor of rides. Much to my pleasure, he loves it! He was obviously limited on what he could ride due to his height, but he loved pretty much everything. I can't say how he was able to ride a few of the bigger kid roller-coasters, but I'll simply disclose that napkins are a short boy's best friend :)
 Parker was a little unsure of being up front in this ride as you can tell in the close up of this picture. Dylan was behind David, so we have no idea how he felt. David, dramatic much?
Lynsey and I have the funniest beginning to our friendship. Maybe someday I'll share it on this blog. It would be sure to entertain you. Isn't she so pretty?
Can't you see how much Dylan is enjoying the affection from my uber touchy son? His mommy cringes when I do this to her too. It doesn't stop me.
I came home wishing I had a bumper car rink in my back yard. Parker could permissibly get his aggression out. He loved the experience of ramming people without Mommy correcting him and Dylan was equally as fond of running into people.
I'm not much into repetitive swirly rides. Neither is Lynsey, so we let all the boys go without our participation on the spider-looking ride. Joey and Dylan are quite the duo. If Dylan gets half of his father's athleticism, I'm pretty sure he'll win the Olympics in every sport.
Joey was demonstrating the harmlessness of the real-life looking beasts. Thanks Joey for your bravery.
Parker felt reassured, so from that point on, he was on cloud nine going through the dinosaur exhibit. What 27 year old girl would want to walk her way though woods creeping with ginormous fake reptiles? This girl. I have a dinosaur-obsessed little man so this place was the jack-pot.
I just love this little grin!
The pinnacle of the exhibit was T-Rex, of course.
Parker is so much like his Dad...and that is a good thing.
We almost lost Joey to Triceratops. 
What a great day we had. I can't believe how fun it is to have a 4 year old little boy. I am blessed and so thankful to be able to make such fond memories with him and our friends.

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The second log ride picture is priceless!! lol