Friday, August 12, 2011

Choo Choo!

Best Birthday Weekend EVER. (Thus, longest post ever.) 

It all started when I went to pick up Heidi from the airport on Friday morning. She and Lincoln flew in for my boy's combined birthday celebration. Parker and Graham LOVE watching the airplanes fly on and off the runway, so instead of going inside, we waited at the fence for our guests. Gotta love small airports. We watched Heidi get off the plane with Lincoln. We started yelling and waving at her. Then I noticed a guy get off behind her and he seemed to be helping her. I thought, "That guy looks familiar. That guy looks really familiar. That guy is my DAD!!!!" I started doing the ugly cry because I was so surprised and happy. 

When you live away from your parents, you have to not think about how hard it is to experience everyday life without them close by. It's been difficult, especially after having children. I cope well, but when they show up to something that you really wish they could be there for, the emotion of how truly important it is comes welling up from within. My mom and grandma soon made it off the plane as well and I was so thankful for another visit with them. Everyone was in on the surprise but me. They played me like a fool. My dad lied through his teeth about not being able to come when I begged him the week before and my mom deceitfully sent me a check in the mail to "help" with the party knowing good and well she would be there. Sneaky little people they are. I just love being surprised, so thank you everyone who was in on the sneak-the-family-in plot.

I was exhausted when the weekend was over because I had stayed up past 1:00 am every night chatting with my bestie and running around like an banchee trying to finish last minute projects. I was proud of myself this particular occasion. Instead of stressing out like crazy, I ditched some plans and projects so that I could better enjoy the moment. Things weren't decorated exactly like I had planned, but I also wasn't a psycho tyrant mother. I'm maturing ;) The only thing that caused some distress for me was the stinking forecast. It hadn't rained in weeks and hasn't rained since. The day of the party? 60% chance and it down poured. All day. Until right before the party. The sun came out and I was singing the Hallelujah chorus. I didn't want to cram 40ish people into my modestly sized home and thank the Lord I didn't have to. It was hot and muggy, outside didn't get gussied up for the party, and my yard was a mud pit, but we still got to go outside. Yay! I'll take what I can get. I didn't have any true panic attacks and I didn't kick anyone out of my house. Success! In fact, I smiled so much the whole weekend that my face hurt on Monday.

 I love making memories and I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who helped make this one very special for our family. Now for the explosion of pictures!

Pom Pom love!
Pom Pom love. I had a finger cramp after making these. Seriously.

I just love Pinterest for all of its wonderful ideas. My life would not be the same without hot glue, but my fingers would not be burnt and stuck together either. Oh well. The hardships of crafting.

Thank you, Momma, for making all the sandwiches for me!

Zucchini spice cake pops with cream cheese frosting. Wish I had one of these right now.

Oh the things you can do with scrap fabric!

Parker requested chocolate cake this year. I paired it with white chocolate buttercream and fondant decor.

I put candy in the balloons and the kids got throw darts to find it. Big hit.

Somebody stole some chocolate cake...caught!

Jenn and baby Matt Cecilia. Gorgeous gals.
Aunt Heidi made the boys dinosaur tails. Oh my gosh. Cutest things ever. They haven't taken them off since the party.
A dinosaur hat from Aunt Sarah completed his outfit.

The two most sarcastic people I know. That's why I like them so much.

 No words necessary. Les, thank for crashing the party. It meant a lot to me ;)

My mommas and great friend were such a help. They cleaned my whole kitchen before the party was even over. Love you guys...thank you so much!

As Parker would say, "It was traintastic!" Oh, boys.


Heidi said...

You did such a great job with the party. Simple & not fussy, but super cute. The boys had lots of fun. Glad they like their dino tails!

Caimbrin said...

Love it! Those Pom Poms are awesome!! Looks so cute!