Thursday, July 7, 2011

a stroll in the park

In February, David and I decided to take our health a little bit more seriously. We already had a good healthy diet, but making time to physically condition our bodies was dependent on our children's moods and schedules. I finally came to the realization that it was going to be better overall for my children to see their parents establish healthy living in front of them than to make sure they made it to bed the exact same time every night. I guess both is possible for some people, but it just wasn't for us and mornings will probably never be a successful option.

The simple truth is that it is hard with young children to find the time to consistently exercise. However, I truly believe the old saying, "You do what you want to do." I decided I wanted to be healthy and teach my children to make it a priority. For our family, that desire turned into us getting a family membership to the local YMCA. It has been so good for all of us. The boys adjusted well to the later bedtime 3 nights a week just fine and David and I have really enjoyed working out together. We've been going to a kickboxing class that we both love which helps with the whole motivation thing.

The only downside that I've seen with our new weekly schedule is we don't make it to the park as often as we use to. Before, week nights were often spent playing in the big grass field and strolling a winding track with our boys. I really miss it. Last week, we ditched out class (our instructor was out of town anyway) and spent a few moments just enjoying the clean air and wide open spaces.

We grabbed dinner together first at an outdoor restaurant on the river. The ducks appreciated our visit.
 And our leftover fries.
 The carp were a bit hungry too, I guess.
 When we first got to the park, the boys tore off towards the playground. Parker loves climbing the walls.
 For the very first time, Graham conquered the daunting feat of making it up the red tube. This tube leads to bigger better slides, lots of tall scary openings, and a freaked out mommy. Children are genereally safe until they have the ability to scale the red tube. His world just got larger...and more dangerous.

 We swung. And swung. And Swung.
 And swung some more.
 More proof that boys don't grow up!
 Trying to do pull-ups like daddy.
 I spent lots of time on this track when pregnant. In fact, I believe this track was a large contributor to labor with both of them. It's kind of neat to see them walk it themselves.
 I like to sit down in the middle of the field and just watch the boys run wild. 
 Run they do, and wild they are.
 Sometimes they'll plop down on me for some lovin. When this happens, I throw gently hand the camera to David.
 I have a real soft spot for my first born. Despite his extreme independence, he's such a touchy, lovey kid. I'm thankful.
 I love these little fellas.
 What a refreshing evening. Too bad strolling doesn't burn many calories, because it was a nice break from the gym.


Tracy said...

I don't mind the bigger slides on the other side of the red tube. It's the gaps that drive me nuts. Sam grabs on the sides and likes to hang over. And I can't reach him from the ground!! aaahh

We Don't Eat Bugs said...

One of the biggest places we miss about Charleston. I love that park. You are really making me want to buy a camera.

DavidandSteff said...

Yes, Tracy, my boys like to hang over as well and I can't be underneath both of them at the same time...scary!

Michelle...I walked here with you a few times while you were preggo too!

Heidi said...

Looks like fun. Baby G is getting brave and so big. Not to mention even more adorable, if that's even possible.

Kelly Pearce said...

Love the pics... random ? but what lens are you using?

DavidandSteff said...

Kelly, it was a 50mm :)