Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Bean Pie

I'm constantly looking for ways to make meals that don't include meat. Organic meat is pricey and when there are so many options for protein, why settle for only meat? I repinned this recipe from Pinterest and tried it last week. 
Quick, simple, and delicious. Thanks goes to Martha. Figures right? For the complete recipe, go here.
I opted to not use the chili pepper because I needed two little mouths to enjoy it and instead of canned beans, I presoaked a bag of black beans. Instead of 8 oz of cheese, I use 6 (it's all I had). It tuned out so delicious. Next time, I want to add a little chili powder for a slight kick (less than I would get with a fresh green chili), guacamole for texture and flavor, and possibly a diced green or yellow pepper to complement the concoction.

Enjoy! What have you been cooking the fam lately?


The Ness Story said...

YUM! I "pinned" that and have been wanting to try it so bad! Tonight I am making a honey garlic balsamic chicken and pea pesto pasta- both on my food board... :) That site has introduced me to a whole new world of food!

Heidi said...

Looks good. I'll have to look at the ingredients and see if Mike can have it. My adventure in making tilapia this week was enough food adventure for me for now. We're probably eating chicken tonight. lol

DavidandSteff said...

i think beans are high in potassium and the cheese is high in sodium...not looking like a good option Heid.

Kelly Pearce said...

Can't wait to make it! Looks delicious

We Don't Eat Bugs said...

I'm making this as soon as I can get ahold of some goat's cheese. Yum.