Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fourth fun

Every year, July 4th goes up on my list of favorite holidays. I love my country so much. I also love watching my three year old (for only 2 more weeks) in awe over explosions of color in the sky.
 We got together with a few friends to watch the show. It was pretty darn good this year. I found it weird that they would have the main shabang on the 3rd, but whatev.
 Before we headed down to the river's edge, we got a bite to eat at Pies and Pints downtown. Their pies are to die for!
We decided just a few days before the weekend to have a cookout with a few of our favorite people. Gotta love last minute planning. It turned out to be such a good day. Corn hole and cupcakes. How much better can it get?
I'm sure you noticed T-rex. He and Parker were inseparable for the holiday. Any day for that matter. He has a bit of an obsession with any dinosaur/reptile right now.
How cute is the cheering section?
You may ask, what are these girls laughing at? Well, they were making fun of a poor soul who tripped and almost broke her ankle. Their mommies must not have taught them to not laugh at people.
Parker and "T" watching the game.
Nana even got in on the action. Graham wouldn't let her toss alone though. Yes, his finger is still in his nose. Too bad there isn't gold up there.
Aaron chased baby G around for a while. It was good practice for him ;)
 I just love this shot. What in the heck is Eddie doing? Apparently it was funny.
 Ms. Tabi getting her corn hole on.
David asked for strawberry cupcakes. He's spoiled so he got his way.
The food was delicious. I even got to try a new recipe I found on Pinterest for my zucchinis. OH. MY. GOSH. YUM. I'll post it some time this week. A total winner. I was so busy running around that I forgot to get a picture of all the real food in the kitchen. Oh well, cupcakes are prettier than hamburgers and pasta salad anyway.

I thought it was going to rain, but when it didn't, we took the party outside on my old rickety picnic table that David drug around from the side yard.

Lastly, my attempt at getting a picture of the boys.
 Parker was such a trooper even when Graham poked him repeatedly with the flag.
I hope everyone had a happy, safe July 4th celebrating the amazing country we live in.


Tracy said...

Last minute planning? Really? I couldn't pull that spread off if I had weeks! oh and I am jealous of Pies & Pints. I'd go there myself if I didn't have a parallel parking phobia!

Heidi said...

Your last minute planning is way cuter than my last minute planning! My house was a mess of random red, white & blue things.

Looks like a fun weekend!

The Ness Story said...

LOVE your party decor!!! I saw those strawberries and loved them! Share your pasta salad recipe too! I need a good one. So fun!!! Oh, and your park pics above are soso good!!! Love you!

Sarah Richey said...

Oh my, everything is so pin-worthy! You have amazing party-throwing skills! :)