Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Allergic to Flordia???

You laugh at the impossibility of this type of allergy. Well, you wouldn't if you were me. My past few trips to Florida have been plagued with sickness. And I'm not talking your typical little cold. Grrrrrr. After further assessment of the situation, it actually isn't a cruel coincidence that every time I try to venture south, my kids get sick. Last spring, I went to Florida in mid-April for my friend Heidi's baby shower. (I know!!! Can you believe Lincoln is about to turn one??? Crazy stuff.) This year, I revisited again in April. Anyway, the point is...I don't think Florida had anything to do with their illnesses. I think it has more to do with tree pollen, April, and West Virginia.

Before we left for our trip, both of the boys had been struggling with allergies (like everyone else in the blooming south). I had even taken Graham to the doctor because he had got ear infection with all the drainage from the allergies. On the trip down, I noticed Parker wasn't breathing normal, but excused it because of "allergies." That night, around midnight, Parker woke up crying and gasping. He couldn't get his breath and was panicking. I too was panicking. I didn't know what to do. The more he cried, the worse it got. His lips were turning blue and he was was wheezing horribly. After about 30 minutes and a popsicle later, he started to get better and I was able to get him back to sleep with some what normal breathing. I am unsure what asthma looks and sounds like, but am pretty confident that he had experienced something similar to that kind of attack. The next day he had lovely petechiae all around his eyes from the coughing fit the night before.

He seemed fine in the morning, but still wasn't breathing normal. That evening when he spiked a fever, I took him to an urgent care facility and was told he has Asthmatic Bronchitis. Hmmm. The same diagnosis as last year. The doctor we saw there recommended Parker be put on some type of stronger allergy med next year before the season starts. I'm not sure what we'll do, but I do have some talking to do with his pediatrician to figure out how to avoid any more of those scary attacks.

Just as Parker started to get better from the strong antibiotics and steroids, Graham spiked another fever. He held it for two days and refused to eat or drink. He was extremely lethargic and slept a ton. I was feeling rather frustrated to say the least. There was nothing I could do for him because he was still on antibiotic for his ear infection and I knew that it must be a virus.

Thank God, by Thursday, both boys were on the mend and acting much more normal. After canceling two get-togethers with my bestie and with two days left of our visit with my parents, the boys were finally up to having some fun.

I only got to see this cutie once because by the time my boys were better, he caught something.

Though the trip leaned a bit on the dramatic side, it actually was a great trip. My mom has been struggling with some physical issues which have made it difficult for her to come to WV. I hate my parents not getting to be around the boys, so sick or not, they were spending time with their grandparents. Mom and Dad helped me tremendously with my sickies, so really I think I was better off there than at home alone with them. Plus, Heidi and I did manage one date night ....alone. I know, heaven.

The boys loved my parents big open yard and abundance of driveway for bicycling.

Having little boys means I get to do lots of "exploring" and have to deal with little creatures like this lovely slug. Parker always had something on him while in Florida. A worm, lizard, slug, ant eater, fish, etc. I really don't mind. Lucky for my boys, this girl really enjoys the outdoors and most of what it offers.

My parents pretty house.
The old oak tree swing. I had lots of talks in this swing while growing up. I knew something was serious if my dad asked me to come to the swing. It still creeks like it always has. I love the south.
Parker likes searching for tracks. He decided a dinosaur made these.

There are some foxes that live on my parent's property. We didn't get to see them this trip, but we checked out there den.
Graham LOVES water. I think I may finally have my water baby.
Parker loves to go fishing with Papaw, so we got in the ol' pick-up and headed across the street to the pond at the Florida Carriage Museum. Parker was beside himself. He loved pulling up the little blue gill.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it too.
Even fishies need love ;)
Listen to his excitement.

Alright, prepare yourself. The next picture is just flat crazy. I lived in Florida 18 years and never caught a bass larger than 3 pounds. I decided to give my dad and Parker some space so they could enjoy fishing together, so I headed around the pond a little ways casting a rod with a fake purple worm. Who new those actually worked??? I thought I had caught some weeds, but quickly realized I had snagged a really big fish. I think I was screaming. Not sure. Look at this fatty!

Dad rarely smiles big pictures, but no one had to ask him to smile with teeth in this shot....I think fish make him happy.

Parker had my mom draw him 15 dozen race cars all over the driveway. Meemaws are good for that sort of thing. He was being rather bossy telling her exactly what size and color to make each one. She obliged because they're the best of pals.
Going on a boat ride to Gator Joe's. We only had one life jacket for kids, so Parker had to look ridiculous. I miss going out on the boat. I miss water.

They both have the wind-blown look.

Parker loved playing on the beach at Gator Joe's...just deep enough.

He kept wanting to float on his back. Crazy child. No fear. It makes me nervous.
I can't wait until our next trip down there when David can come too. Hopefully we'll be sickness free, but either way, sunshine just seems to make things better.


Heidi Mitchell said...

Love Gator Joe's. Looks like the boys love it, too!

Glad I got to see you, even if it was only 2 measly times. The next trip will be here soon!

Heidi Mitchell said...

Oh, and you need to change the wed address for my personal blog in your blog roll over there!

Caimbrin said...

Sad they were sick...on another note...I LOVE Parkers glasses!!