Sunday, May 15, 2011

Momma's Day

I've celebrated four Mother's Days already. That's so crazy. They have all been great in that I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to raise two of the most precious boys in all the world. I still can't believe they let me take these boys home from the hospital. I remember being surprised that I could just leave with Parker. I mean, I knew he was mine, but I hadn't had to take classes or get a license, yet I was completely responsible for taking care of this tiny bundle. This little man made me a Mommy, and I just love him for it.
This Mother's day was especially great because I actually got to relax and enjoy myself. The first three years were spent taking care of my munchkins like any other day, which I don't mind, but in no ways allows relaxation. This year, Graham was still with my mother-in-law as we traveled back from Indiana, and Parker is really a pleasure to be with now. OK, that sounded bad. Graham is a pleasure too, just in a gotta-manage-his-noise-and-movement-like-crazy in a non-restful kind of way.  I was able to enjoy a meal without getting covered in food, handing out 50 stickers, and cutting up a piece of chicken into 50 pieces. Got me? I still couldn't handle not seeing my second child on such a special day, so before we made it completely home, I crept my in-laws to kiss my second baby on the head while he was sleeping. He is so lovey.

My day started with going to church with my grandma in Fort Wayne, IN. I was there for 2 days because David was a groomsmen in a wedding. One of his old collage buddies was getting married outside of Chicago and Ft. Wayne was on the way. He dropped Parker and I off and the came back to get us on Sunday. It was special to be with my grandma since I had never spent a Mother's Day with her.
Parker and I had a great weekend with my grandparents. Parker just loves my grandpa Ray.
It only takes us about 5 1/2 hours to get to Ft Wayne and the trip there is a really pretty one. We take mostly state routes through Ohio farm country. It may sound boring to you, but I think there is just something so pretty and serene about the wide open spaces and little quaint towns.
We got a kick out of this sign.
On our way home, I really wanted to stop in some of the small towns. I figured they would all be closed since it was Sunday, and was mostly right, until we drove through Mt. Victory. 
Mount Victory is heavenly for those who like to like antiques or thrifting. The town is actually nothing but antique shops and prides itself on the idea that it is the perfect day trip destination. Check it out here so if you're even in Ohio, you can stop by. I got lucky and 5 out of its 14 shops were open when we drove through. 
David let me shop for about an hour. So. Much. Fun. Parker got to get up close and personal to a few trains that go straight through the little town, so he had as much fun as I did. I limited my purchases because I had didn't have a lot of room to get them home, but here's my stash.
I have a few projects in mind for my junk treasures. I saw some of the neatest stuff while shopping. Most of it was handmade and made well. Check out this old crib. How pretty was that back in the day. It just needs some love to make it prefect for some beautiful nursery. Don't mind the creepy doll in the picture or the random stuffed bass ;)
Before we left one store, the clerk told Parker to pick out a car form one of the old toy bins. You would have thought this old car was worth a million dollars. Parker talked the rest of the day about how nice that "old man" was. He's played with it every day since we've been home.
My day didn't end there. Our next stop was for dinner. We got hungry outside of Columbus, and decided to stop and eat in a suburb called Dublin. Another cute town. It's amazing what you get to see when you travel by car and explore without a predetermined objective. We got some food at the Dublin Village Tavern. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Parker was entertained the whole meal by passersby and their dogs. We had him try to get a picture of David and I. Oops. Not quite.
Closer. Almost.
 There you go!. Good job, Park.
I am one really blessed mother and am so thankful for my family.  Some days are so hard as a mom but this day I felt appreciated and it helped remind me why I do what I do ;)

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