Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collage addition adiction

When I redid my dining room a while back, I made a collage of frames and plates on the wall. My goal was to keep adding to it as I found things I liked.  Last month I updated the collage with the a few new finds. I really like the additions. It's not perfect, but I like the fluidity of a collage. I can add and change as I like or tire of a certain piece. I enjoy when something doesn't pin me down. Good thing I don't have these kind of commitment issues in my marriage ;)
I still need to update a few of the photo selections, but just add it to the LONG list of need-to-dos in my life. I've already found a few things I want to change since I edited the collage, but I'll leave it like this for a while and enjoy it before I get my grubby, uncommitted hands on it.


Stephanie McCollam said...

That looks great! How did you hang the plates?

Heidi Mitchell said...

I have the addiction too. I'm obsessed with my dish collage.


The Ness Story said...

so so cute! I never can figure out how to hang all that stuff together and make it look good. You got it. I love that little lacey circle frame. Also, thanks for the pick me up talk yesterday- I really needed it. All night I was saying, "Well Steph said this..." and "Steph said this...' :)

Anonymous said...

well. i think that is just about perfect! i love me some mustardy, rich yellow! i especially love it with that pale blue!