Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleepful in Seattle

I'm so corny, but for real, I slept amazing when I took a trip out to Seattle, Washington last month. I've been meaning to write a post, mostly to put up pictures, but my friend, Angi, who went with me on my vacay has yet to give me the pictures that were on her camera. (You're in trouble, Ang.) Way to call her out on my blog, eh? I've decided to just go ahead and just use my phone pictures...maybe in a couple years I'll get the others. We'll see.

I didn't just randomly choose to explore the rainy city in March. My husband had a annual business trip out there.  He had told me I could come, but I didn't want to go alone while my he sat in meetings all day. So, I inviting one of my really good friends to go along with me. You know, there's only so many people you want to try to spend a whole week with and Angi was a great choice! We had a blast and shopped till we dropped almost everyday. We did every sort of retail possible from antiquing to outdoor market shopping to browsing around one of the largest Anthropology's in the country. I was in heaven. I had almost forgotten what it felt like top travel without a miniature person (often 2) in tow. I was able to relax on the flight, eat dinner without having to share my food, and sleep ALL night long. It was amazing.

There have been times when I was away from my children and felt guilty. I was free of that this trip. It had been 18 months since I had gone on a trip without a child, and even then, I was pregnant and sick as a dog. I knew the boys were old enough to do fine away from me and they had Nana to love on them all week. They were fine, and I was more than fine.

Location: Pike's Market. Such a neat place.

 Look at the size of those bad boys!

 We were in trouble the minute we discovered that our lodge had free ice cream. It was bad, but oh sooooo good. I met dulce de leche this trip and became quite fond.
 Dorks. They are not kidding when they say it rains a lot. I would have to own a few more rain coats if I lived there because I was over my jacket by the end of the trip.
 Quintessential tourist picture. Don't mind the double chin, it was a hard angle.
 Beautiful view from the Space Needle.

 One night, we got tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Quidam show. AMAZING like all their shows.

They trip home was rough to say the least. We took the red eye out at 10:00 pm and our last leg of the commute home was in this little beauty which landed in Charleston at 9:00 am. We essentially had skipped night. Ouch. Totally worth it.
I enjoy having a husband who has to take business trips. Seattle was such a neat city, and I hope to go back some day...maybe sooner than later. Next time I want to go in summer and take the Victoria Clipper over to the San Juan Islands. That's pretty much the only thing we didn't get to do that we wanted to. For some reason, riding a boat across the Puget Sound didn't seem appealing when it was 50 degrees out.

Thanks so much for going with me Angie!!!! I loved our time was fun to be with someone who appreciates shopping and food like I do and who can equally destroy mini Haagen Daz cartons. Where's our next trip to?


Angi Swearingen said...

Where's our next trip? Somewhere warm and sunny! Honestly, I had a great time just spending it with you! Thank you so much for asking me to go!! (I'll get those pics to you this week....I have my head down in shame. LOL)

Tracy said...

Kroger brand slow churned ice cream Caramel Delight is pretty close to Dulce de Leche (also one of my favs!).
That's awesome that you had such a great break. Did you keep catching yourself looking for your boys?

The Ness Story said...

so fun and happy you had such an amazing time! so good to get away. your phone takes awesome pics and your raincoat is so cute!!!

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