Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He's Alive and I'm Wrinkled.

As a Christian, this past weekend was one of the best times of the year for celebration. The God I serve sent his only Son to die for my wrongful doings, and then, here comes the best part, brought him back to life so that I can serve a risen Savior. We talk about Christ's death a lot in the christian community because pretty much all that we believe hinges upon his death and resurrection. However, if I'm being truthful, I rarely meditate on the insanely immense sacrifice he made for me. I think that's true for most everyone, but Easter provides an occasion where we can take the time to think about, celebrate, and honor our Lord for his perfect, desperately needed grace that he lavished on us when he became our punishment. I am truly thankful.

My Easter did not go as planned. You would think that I was use to this concept of foiled ideas, but no, I was still bummed.

I got home from a week vacation (and I am using that word lightly as I'll explain in a future post) on Friday evening. I had only been in the door about 10 minutes when a storm came through and knocked out our power. I'm not kidding when I say that we NEVER lose power where we live.  But of course we would on Easter weekend.

I needed to go to the store to buy all my food for Easter lunch, but where would I put it? The fridge wasn't being cooled.

Ok. So, I waited for the power to come back on but it never did. When I went to sleep, I reassured myself that the power would come back on in the middle of the night and I could run to Kroger early in the morning and my plans could be salvaged.  I woke up at about 6:30 to Graham's jabbering, but not to electricity. Great. My attitude was not pleasing. I was upset. I was not going to be able to fix fun food and lay a beautiful table with my newly made lacy burlap runner while my family chatted merrily. (I get into details.) Really, when it comes down to it, I was upset that things aren't like they were when I was growing up and my kids weren't going to have what I want them to have when it comes to holidays.

It took me a little while to deal with it, but going to church helped. Isn't church great for rearranging our attitudes. We ended up going out for lunch and had a great time. I am blessed with a wonderful family.  My mom and father-in-law weren't there and we missed them, but I couldn't control my situation or theirs on Sunday. Everything was fine, but I'll try again next year. Despite my nontraditional Easter, the truth remains Jesus is alive and what he did for me is still as great and wonderful as it ever has been or ever will be and there aren't any plans I make, whether successful or bombed that will change that amazing fact.

My boys were so handsome on Easter, but before I post pictures, let me give a few reminders so you don't judge too harshly. It requires power to use a flat iron on my hair and clothes don't dewrinkle themselves with out being pressed. Oh yeah, that requires power as well. My husband picked out his cloths, so he clashes, and Parker's hair is out of control. A planned haircut didn't happen because, alas, clippers also require power. Seeing a theme here?

 Not sure what this face is?

 PawPaw and Parker are buddies.
Horsing around. Typical for these two.

 Would NOT look at me.
 Parker has a gimp eye.

 Do you understand how hard it is to hold a 20 month old who wants to play in the rocks? Tickling was the only was to get a smile.
 Nana and the boys. Great pals.
 My beautiful sissy and I.
 My love.

However you spent celebrating our Lord's resurrection, whether exactly as planned or painfully disheveled, I hope you remembered how blessed you are to serve such an incredible God.


Alicia said...

Ours didnt go as planned either. :( we usually have a big family dinner with my mom and dad but didnt get to this year.. so we went home to grilled cheese and naps this year, while Eric worked all day on his schoolwork... I didnt even have a camera, just my phone to take a quick pic beacause it broke.. but..I am feeling blessed as well;) ..The boys looked so handsome, ...even with a little wrinkle :)

The Ness Story said...

the boys are so adorable! (it's ok to say that about boys, right?) life happens like that, doesn't it? I am in the midst of trying to stop being a perfectionist... i was never like that until I became a mom. I LOVE your dress! Where did you find it? And I think David went pretty well, and I am so an anti-clasher. love you

Angi Swearingen said...

I'm agreeing with you and Alicia...Our Easter didn't go as planned either. But, your perception is right...No matter how we spend it, we are soooo blessed! Thanks for sharing!!