Friday, March 9, 2012

Yummy Necklace

While we were all trying to get through a nasty head cold last week, the boys and I were going nuts from being stuck in the house all day, every day. We were sick of each other and bored. Truth. I had pinned enough things on Pinterest to last me a year and the boys had played with all of their toys multiple times. I started pulling out activities for them to do so that I could ensure they would both still be alive by bedtime. One thing that turned out fun was making a food necklace for movie night. I bought a few foods with holes in them and grabbed some embroidery floss from my crafting desk and we were ready to go. Graham wasn't very good at it, but Parker was a pro. Though he won't admit his enjoyment in making jewelry, I think Daddy even have fun making the necklaces.  

The options are endless, but I was trying to keep the necklaces somewhat healthy and non-messy. I really wanted to put chocolate covered pretzels on it, but figured Graham would be covered in chocolate, therefore my living room would have been covered in chocolate if I did. The list of foods we used:

Cascadian farms fruit O's
Cascadian Farms chocolate O's
Gerber cookies
Gerber Pinwheels

Glad we are over the sickness and able to be out and about this week!


Anonymous said...

Very fun activity...reminds me of those candy necklaces (which were much less healthy)and ring pops.

Glad everyone is over the head colds...

Take care...


Heidi said...

So glad they're still getting use out of their cushy chairs.

Do you think people would think it was strange if I walked around with a snack necklace? Seems like a good idea to me.