Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Helper

Last month was a wild one. Lots of stuff going on. I didn't blog much because I didn't really have time. While going through last months photos, I found these and thought they were cute enough to share. In a 10 day span, I made three cakes. I love to bake, but that was about enough for me. Graham was such a big helper and lent me a hand on his daddy's. It was a last minute thing and I only had and hour to whip something up while David and Parker were swimming at the Y. It wasn't pretty, but Graham and I had a blast making a mess and it tasted delish! Vanilla cake with strawberry filling and butter cream frosting.

Yes, he's on the oven. No, I didn't leave him at any point.
 Baking made him hungry.
 A little bit even got in the bowl.
Yes, I'm aware you're not suppose to let them do this.
He survived. And made sure to clean the handle.
 He didn't quite understand why wouldn't let him re-dip the spatula. My kids really did inherit my sweet tooth :)
 David was surprised and loved his little hot-mess-of-a-cake ;)
 I can't wait for the day that Graham bakes me a birthday cake! You think it will ever happen?


Anonymous said...

This child is beautiful, but I think I've already mentioned this before. Sitting on the stove is a new concept, hope HRS doesn't come knocking on your door. Thanks for the post. By the way I'm still waiting for my son to bake me a cake....but he has blessed me, as have you in many other ways. Love you

Heidi said...

This looks like so much fun. Looking forward to a time when Lincoln wants to help in the kitchen. I'm sure David loved his cake.