Monday, March 12, 2012

Frosty Fun

We finally got some real snow at the beginning of last week. It's hard to believe since we were in shorts by the weekend. It wasn't forecasted, yet the snow came. Thankfully, too. We hadn't been able to even make a snowman with this years pathetic snowfall accumulations. Finally, we added a check mark next to one of our last winter activities. Make Frosty. Check!

 Graham's hat was always sideways from him making snow angels.
 He got caught eating snow.


It was fun, but truth be told, I'm not much for rolling around in the snow. That's why I waited for David to get home and take the boys out in the cold. I'm a baby. What makes me excited is the projected mid to upper 70's this week! Yes, please!

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Anonymous said...

I am like you. I don't like the cold. In fact I don't like it too hot either. Give me an autumn day anytime, and I am happy.