Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stop Praying.

 Hello blog, I have not forgotten about you, I've just been been busy taking care of sick boys, frolicking around Seattle, and crafting/sewing my little heart out. I would like to say that I'll be better at keeping up, but I know that may or may not be the truth. It is more important that I be present in my life than document it, though I hope to do both.  (Don't worry, the title will eventually be explained.)

I've had rough week. I've had some lows as a mother and my kids have felt more like armed forces determined to take me out rather than the beautiful children God gave me. I've done the best I can to count my blessings, place my problems into perspective, and maintain control of my actions. In general, I've done a great job, but I've also bombed a few times. Being a mom is hard. Being a mom of two really young boys is really hard. Why am I sharing this? Because it's the truth and I find that encouragement comes when others share the bad times they go through in addition to the good times. It makes you feel more "normal." Maybe sometime I'll get more specific about my week, but for now, I'm still trying to evaluate my issues.

On a lighter note, I'll share a funny moment Parker and I had this week.  I like pray for Parker and the rest of the family every time we are on our way to preschool. I want Parker to hear me praying for him and I usually give him an opportunity to talk to God about whatever he'd like. Sometimes he declines, other times he just asks God to help Graham stop being mean to him, or he'll ask God to keep the mooses and coyotes away. Yesterday however, his prayer went like this.

Parker: Dear Lord Jesus (yes, he said that-lol?!?), Please help mommy to stop hitting me and Graham.

Me: Ok, Parker, stop praying. You can't..... (interrupted)

Parker: Mommy, shhhh, I'm trying to pray. Dear Lord, please help mommy to stop hitting us.

Me: Enough Parker. You can't pray about things that aren't truth. God knows everything and he knows that I don't hit you. That's a lie. No more praying.

I shut that prayer down quick. Seriously? I have done many things wrong as a mother, but hitting my children is not one of them. I was laughing so hard in the car. It's only funny because i know it's insanely far from the truth. I am just waiting for CPS to show up at my front door. I wonder who else he has told, besides the all-knowing Lord, that I hit him. I don't. I promise.

I told my friend, Heidi, about Parker's little prayer and she thought she'd be funny last night. She sent me a text that said, "Tell Parker that I'm praying for him. I'm praying that you'll stop hitting him." Not funny Heidi. Not funny.

Hopefully, I'll blog soon about my wonderful trip to Seattle last week. I had such a great, relaxing time that I can't wait to share!


Carina Deshotels said...

Ohhh, funny...yeah, imagine what he is telling his teacher! I have wondered about what mine have said as well!! lol

Eric and Emily said...

Oh Parker... Steph thanks for sharing- it is always so good to know that others don't have it all together and figured out besides me. Hang in there. I know it sounds cliche, but we've had that kind of week to and that is all we can do. Love you!

Amy G. said...

That is funny! Though, I think you really need to blog about the "nasty play clothes" picture day. You cracked me up when I saw your status!!!!!

DavidandSteff said...

@Carina, i know right? Who knows what they tell them!

@em, rarely together, rarely.

@Amy...don't worry, that post is coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Heh sweetie, kids know just how to hit you below the belt don't they. I've watched you be a mommomy for weeks at a time, and you are one of the good ones. Yes with all your "issues" as you call them, you are good, and Parker David is too smart for his own good. You and Jeremy use to tell us how unfare we were and we were mean and didnt' love you.....well you out grew it, at least I think you did. Hang in there mom, they only get more interesting over the years. love Momma!

Heidi said...

Heeeheee. That kid is a funny one! I thought my text was pretty hilarious.