Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oooops. I forgot.

WARNING: completely vain post. Also, I apologize for two posts in a row without a picture.

Wednesday was a rather distraught day for me. I woke up a bit later than usual and had to rush to get Parker to school on time. He and I were both still in a daze while driving there. I think my morning prayer had some slurred speech and my chatter box of a child hardly said anything. It's rare, people. Seriously rare. He inherited his father's gene of grogginess when waking up. They are not themselves for the first, oh let's say... 30 minutes they are awake. They tend to be unresponsive, slightly slower than usual, and if messed with....mean as a bear. Getting off track. Anyway...just trying to give you a better picture into my morning.

When I got home, I laid Graham down for a nap and collapsed on the coach to check my Facebook, catch up on all the blogs I follow, and pin myself crazy on my newest love, Pinterest. (If you aren't a member, I highly recommend it. I've only had it a month, but it has already greatly improved the quality of my life. Yes, exaggeration, but it's lovely.) Moving on.

While on facebook, I saw something that made my heart fall into my stomach. A mother of a little boys who is in Parker's preschool class had written how she had a difficult morning getting her son to wear a polo for picture day. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No. This can't be. I've been looking forward to this all year. Parker's first official school picture. She must be wrong. Yes, seriously, I thought it was someone else's mistake at first. It couldn't be my bad. I mean, I lose my keys, wallet, and phone on a daily basis. I always forget one ingredient when cooking. I never return home from vacation with everything I came with, and I never remember deadlines for registrations (unless they are super important.) Yeah. It can't be me. She's got it wrong.

I look up the march calendar on my i-phone. Yay!!! It doesn't say pictures today. It must be April. I flip to April. No pictures then either. Uh oh. I must have forgotten to put it on my phone. This isn't looking good. I scrimmage to the kitchen to look on my paper calendar. There they stood. The words. The words that read. "School Pictures." I couldn't believe my eyes. How did I forget?

My brain then immediately turned to trying to remember what the heck I had dressed my child in. I mean, most days he goes in trashy play clothes and comes home covered in paint and glue. What had I put on him? I really couldn't remember. I was so bummed. I had already picked out the cutest outfit for him to sport on picture day and now he was giving them that million dollar smile in some worn out t-shirt and jeans. Don't say I didn't warn you that this was vain. I know it is. When I started to think about why i was so bothered, I came to the conclusion that I felt like a failure. Dramatic, I know, but if you understood what kind of mother I grew up with, you'd understand. She never forgot anything when it came to me and my brother. I was always the first one enrolled in any sport or program and I never lacked a grand (meaning big) hairdo on school picture days. She was so great at this part of parenting. Momma, someday I might be half as good as you were. For now, I will have a 8x 10 reminder that I would loose my head if it were not screwed onto my body.

Just to make sure any of you aren't concerned that I really had issues over this, I'll have you know I've moved on. I have now found comedic relief that God LOVES to teach me humility.  I get it, God. I'm vain and looks don't matter!!!!!!! I understand....but his gauzy 3/4 length sleeved button up shirt over dark washed jeans and suede leather boots were going to be ridiculously cute. I know, it doesn't matter now. I seriously can't wait to see these shots. Still hoping to get a message in his backpack explaining that the photographer completely screwed up and lost all the files...that there must be a redo. Long shot, I know. Until then, I'll just do my best to get him in swim lessons on time. Keep your fingers crossed.


Kelly Pearce said...

This cracked me up! For what it is worth, one of my favorite pictures of me when I was in school was when my mom dressed me in a super cute outfit that I didn't like, so I packed myself a "backup" tie dyed t-shirt which was what I put on for the pictures! My mom was a bit surprised but it was my biggest smile and became her favorite because of my smile....

Heidi said...

Definitely something I would do. At least you have a funny story about his first school pics.