Wednesday, March 9, 2011

happily never finished

So, I decided it will never be "final." The living room, that is. And there will never be a true "after" shot. I'm OK with that, though. I like where my living room is right now, even though it's not complete. There are still things I need to buy or find during a treasure hunt (too much toddler TV), but it's finally to a point where I think it functions just as we need it to while having some cuteness.

I'm proud of myself. I'm taking risks. No, not literal ones (it's not my style to be all risky). I chose some bold pattens and slightly obnoxious colors that I may be completely over with in a year, but I like them now. That's what matters. On large pieces of furniture or pricey decor, I'm all about picking good timeless choices, but for $40 material, why not go with the print that makes you a little nervous? So, I did.  Plus, it's still nasty out and I'm craving spring. I think the need for some flowers in my life really affected me while doing this room. I love spring. Love.

I still need to make a few more pillows, find things for my built-ins, and discover that perfect stand for under my TV, but I don't want to rush just to have a finished look, I want my room to evolve as I find things and have time to create "stuff" I like.  So, here's what I've got so far. I know not everyone will like it, but for once, I walk into my house and think, "this feels like me," instead of, " I think this is what living rooms are suppose to look like."

I painted the fireplace all white a few months ago. Instead of pouring money into a new face for it, I just used paint to cover the atrocious wanna-be-bronze from the 60's. The fireplace is not currently usable because of damage to the inside, but I like having it for a focal point in the room anyway. I just threw some pillar candles inside brighten it up. It's not a beautiful crackling fire, but it'll do until the fireplace gets fixed.
I found a cute little window from Milton Flea Market and just used some material I had inside. I'm actually waiting on a new cut of the same fabric to come in so that I can actually turn the material the correct upright direction :) The yellow boxes were something I bought from SC a few years ago...I think they go just fine up there. The mirror is something that was in the house when we moved in. I'm not a huge fan, but I like it much better after painting it red and since I'm el cheapo, it'll do the job.
I know, the curtains are bright, but I think I like them. The little side table was from the market as got a new coat of paint and looks just dandy. I need new pillows for the chairs, but like I's a work in progress.
How adorable is this little wire basket I found? In a few weeks, you may see its appearance on my friend Heidi's blog. Keep posted on her site so you don't miss the adorable "bundle of joy" that inhabits my basket :)
 I bought this old window and decided I didn't like the original paint job that was on it. So I used a weathering crackle glaze on it to kind of give it an aged look. I think it turned out well. I still may attack it more in the future with some stain and sand paper...we'll see. I printed off some botanical prints to fill each pane. I think I may be changing these out as I find prints I can't live without, but it's a good start.

My little seating area near the front door. That mirror was an $8.00 find! I repurposed a coffee table to make my bench.
I love this picture of Parker. If I had to choose a shot that most accurately portrayed his personality...this would be it!
My couch still needs some pillows, and my lamps are sad, but it's starting to come together.  I may paint my lamps an oiled bronze color and buy new shades. Hmmm.
I can't wait for spring this year, but while the snow still randomly falls, my living room helps brighten my day. Have I mentioned how much I love spring? Thank God for March!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors Steff, the picture of the flowers is beautiful, very cool finish on the frame. I could send you a picture of us to put in the empty frame on your mantle? love Momma

Eric and Emily said...

Your mom is so funny! Well, When I saw that mantel, I fell in love. I love it all white like that. It looks so timeless and like a great piece out of a really old beautiful home. And I love the composition on the mantel. I would have never thought to paint the mirror red and pair it with that fabric but it is soo good together! Also, I love the window/fabric idea. On to the window, I love how the curtains look. They are bright and cheery but not too crazy. I almost bought that exact same bakset at HG... :) The area with the coffe table bench is so pretty. I love the fabric combo of the pillows and that was so clever to turn an old table into a bench. You know I am going to be souring the thrift stores looking for one now. Also, I love the color you chose to paint the mirror. It all looks so cheery, warm, and comfy. I am proud of you for taking a risk becuase it looks so much like you. It's funny to me how you will take huge risks with things like your hair (blond to dark, super long to a bob) but are hesitant in your house! Oh, well things have come a long way since the days of sleeping amigos and southwest colors... Love you!

mattksgirls said...

what a beautiful living room & a perfect example of your talents! you do such an awesome job! i love it! thanks for sharing! btw, i keep telling matt, i am SOOOOOO excited for spring/summer - it's yard sale season!

Sara Sadler said...

Love it all. Great job!

Holly said...

I love it!!! :) You are so talented, good job with the colors and everything it is all great!!! :)