Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I feel like I am a pretty opinionated, decisive person....until it comes to decorating my living room. I've done all the other rooms in my house without too much hesitation, but I freeze with confusion and hesitation when walking into my empty living room. I'm not sure if my issues stem from the fact that I'm in this room the most, or that I have couches that I don't want but can't change. Or maybe I realize that I have to find "real" art and quality curtains to make it look nice, not cheap. Whatever my problem, I'm bound and determined to conquer my living room.

I have an extremely neutral palate to work with. My walls are a light beige, my couches are dark brown, my rug is cream and tan (are you yawning yet?), and my shelves along with every other piece of wood is a close relative to white. Last month, while feeling annoyed by the weird bronze color of the fireplace, I painted the whole front of the mantle and brick white. It's incredible plain and screaming, like the rest of the room, for color. I know that I will have teal-ish blue in the room because it's in the dining room next door. The rooms are closely adjoining and I need them to flow well into one another. I also really love yellow and red. Trust me, this room is sooooo plain, it needs bold colors.

Here are some of my problems. I need curtains. I really feel like this room could handle bold, patterned curtains, since I no longer have a crazy rug to contend with. However, I'm scared to use printed curtains in fear that I won't like them after a year and because they will set limits on the other fabrics and prints I bring into the room. But then I wonder if I simply do solid colored curtains, pillows and art won't be enough to give the room enough interest and action going on. I feel like somewhere in a living room there has to be a bold print, whether on the curtains or in a rug. I'm probably wrong.

I also need a few pieces of key furniture.  I'm lacking a stand to go under my mounted tv.  I love the antique look (who doesn't right now?) and I love painted wood. I have hard wood floors throughout my house and I'm not a big fan of mixing too many wood tones. Whatever I buy, I'll probably paint it. I just need to find something! I've looked and looked, but can't seem to find what I want. Then, I also need two sitting chairs for in front of my big window. Do you see why I feel intimidated to conquer this project?

Here are a few pictures I'm using to guide/inspire me. Maybe they're just stuff I saw and liked. Who knows?

This first picture was from YHL's website this week. Sometimes I love what they do and other times their taste is a little too modern for me. I've kind of figured out that I lean towards more traditional stuff. Either way, I loved this pictured living space. It has the blues and reds I want.
I don't know why I like this, I just do.

I really like what I can see of these curtains plus they were working with tan walls like I am. The elements in this room are little graphic for me, but I still think it's pretty.

 I love this space, Not so fond of the couch and I think it could use a little more red. I love the chairs.

Ok, so I just figured out that this blog really was for me. I needed to collect my thoughts and writing them down helped me accomplish that task. Really, if you have any advice or ideas, please do share!


Eric and Emily said...

Exact same thing here! I love doing whatever I want everywhere, but guess I am afraid to take risks in my living room bc I always thought it had to be "adultish-"real" house like. But, I got so tired of it I painted my mantle green on Friday. Also, I made "art" out of fabric on quilters rings (i'll email you a pic) that brough in a lot of color w/ no money. Also, paint is cheap, makes a huge impact, and is easy to do over. I think that you really DO know what you like! Neurtal w/ pretty bold pops with elements from nature. I LOVE that botanical print of there- those would be really pretty and I know you could them off line cheap, keep searching thrift shops- you'll find that perfect piece! I just finally got to the point where I said, it's my house, so I'll just do what I want! World market sometimes has pretty curtains that won't break the bank, or I can give you the names of some fabric designers I LOVE and it is cheap onetsy. I am re-doing a room and using Jennifer Paganelli fabric (off etsy). I wish I was there I love doing this stuff! I'll call soon! Love you!

Michelle said...

Are you sure I didn't write the first part of this post in my sleep? I still have bare windows in the living room, and NOTHING on my walls. I'm paralyzed. Love the pics of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

I got some really fun patterned curtains from World Market that were a great price. They would work well with the teal you have in your dining room and have the red and yello that you're looking for! Could be a good jumping off point?

DavidandSteff said...

Oh my gosh, Audrey! I love those!!!! After I do a little more research...I hope you wouldn't be upset if I stole them right off your rod!

Anonymous said...

um, not at all! i'd love it if we were curtain twins! :)