Thursday, January 6, 2011

Capitalizing on 7 years!!

You get it? Ha! We went to the Capital of the US to celebrate. You liked that pun, didn't you? I'm feeling a bit cheesy today and you reap the benefits. Lucky you. I seriously cannot get over the fact that David and I have been married seven years. It's not that I thought we wouldn't make it (I always knew we would and will), it's just that seven years seems like a really long time. (Don't role your eyes all you people with marriages lasting 25+ years, you once thought 7 years was an eternity too!)

David and I have a really great relationship. I don't say that to brag, well, maybe just a little, but mainly to prove that in a society where 50% or more of marriages fail, there are still people out there willing to do what it takes to succeed because they see value in "the long haul". Though we don't always succeed in meeting one another expectations and/or needs, we do try on a daily weekly basis to truly be unselfish and become better for the other person. If there were ever two people who could have had marital issues, it would have been us. Because we came into the marriage with lots of baggage? No. Because we are both opinionated, independent, and stubborn to name a few. I think what makes us work so well is because we think a lot alike and because we have so much mutual respect. After 7 years of getting to know all of his annoying flaws unique personality, David is definitely one of the best men out there and I am one lucky blessed girl to have spent seven years with him. Here's to at least 50 more.

We headed to Washington DC for a four day mini vacation free away from the little Dunns. So needed. The last time we have been somewhere without any children was to Jamaica for our 5th anniversary.  Technically, Graham was with us there too. He was making a ruckus in the womb even at 12 weeks. I was sick as a dog and went to bed at 8:00 every night. What a party girl. Well, in DC, I was feeling much better than I was 2 years ago and we had such a great time with each other. Sometimes in the commotion of every day life, David and I forget to be friends in addition to parents and spouses. I was elated to get to spend 4 uninterrupted days with my best male friend. Don't laugh that I put that adjective "male" in that sentence. When I am talking to David, he gets his panties in a wad when I refer to Heidi as my best friend (not really.) Anyway, I'm sorry for all the self-portraits and cruddy cell phone pictures, I felt too bad to ask people to take their gloves off in the frigid weather to take our picture.

Our hotel. Though the rooms were rather small and plain, the lobby of this historic hotel was incredible.
 Even though Christmas was over, it was beautiful to see DC all lit up for the holidays. (Our hotel's tree)
 One evening we had dinner in an award-winning restaurant located in our hotel. So yummy!
 All we needed was formal gear to make this a very prom-esque picture.
 Check out the walls of our elevator...interesting, eh?
It was so cold to be out walking around, but we bundled up well and managed keep warm with frequent trips to coffee shops.
 Starbucks commercial.
My surprisingly favorite part of one museum was the crystal and gem display. Wow. It was incredible to see the extreme detail and varying colors. Really, it just made me want to go shopping and buy clothes in all the vibrant colors.
 We took a bunch of dinosaur pictures for Parker. Really, do boys ever grow up?
 The natural history museum has fantastic architecture. I mean, it doesn't quite compare to the buildings in Europe, but for our 200ish year old US, it's pretty stunning.
 I thought I'd be bored looking at all the gems and jewels owned by famous historic people, but apparently I am a huge nerd because I loved it. Check out the Hope diamond. Her little crazy life story dates back to India in the 1600's!!!! So interesting...and beautiful at 40-something carats. I'd like to wear this for my 10th anniversary, David. :)
 If you like to cook, then you'll be jealous. I'm standing in front of Julia Child's US kitchen. You can see the excitement in my eyes. (They look a little crazy, no?)
 Favorite fact about the Smithsonians as a whole collection of US history? The man, James Smithson, donated (by way of his will) all of his fortunes to create "an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men" had never even visited the United States. There is only speculation as to why he gave so generously to a place of neither origin or familiarity. David is standing in front of the first Smithsonian, which is now the welcome center.
 I wanna kno where da gold at? If that doesn't make any sense to you, then you need to spend more time on YouTube.
 Obama's crib. Oh, wait, I need to snap out of Ghetto. The beautiful home of our country's leader.

 I have never done more walking in my life. Unlike other big cities, everything is close enough in DC that you should walk, but far enough that you get some major distance in on your feet. I kind of enjoyed it, though I would have rather been in a sundress accompanied by 80 degree weather. Oh well, insulated undies it had to be.
We spent a few moments at the WWII memorial because David's grandfather fought bravely in the war.
 Favorite place this trip hands down.
 I always knew what a great man Abraham Lincoln was, but I was unaware of all the personal hardship he endured while still managing our deteriorating nation. A real hero of the US.
 David and I were able to get tickets at Ford's Theatre to see Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" our last night there and what a show it was! The actors were so talented and I was not bored one second. Our seats were directly across from Lincoln's box seating where he was shot. It was kind of eerie, but surreal at the same time. I will never forget that experience, David, so thank you for taking me!
Now I am back home and back to mommy reality. I am looking forward to my next getaway with David, but for now, I'll enjoy life with the two little men who have been born because David and I love each other. (Let me hear the awwwwws! Ok, enough mush for now.)


Heidi said...

Lincoln looked at this post with me & was cracking up. He was entertained apparently. Looks like fun. I wanna go! Still can't believe I've been to India & Africa but never been to DC. That just isn't right!

DavidandSteff said...

Add in there...Russia, South America, Central America, Europe...shoot, you've been everywhere but DC. you need to fix that.

Eric and Emily said...

Looked like yall had fun, but nothing like our middle school, dr. seuss shrits buying, posing to get a "cute" boy in the background pic taking, fake oakley wearing times... Oh, those pictures still make me laugh/cringe. Can not believe it has been 7 years!

Lauren said...

So fun!! Happy 7 years Stephanie!!! :)