Monday, February 15, 2010

My Man is 30!

I can't believe it. My husband cracks the big 3-0 today! He was only 18 when I decided I was going to marry him. There was one major problem with that decision; I was only 13 :) It took me 4 years to catch his eye, but once I graduated high school we were a Dunn deal! (Cheesy, I know. I can't help it.) We've been married over 6 years now, and it would take more than a few words on a blog post for me to ever express what an awesome man, husband, and father he is. Just for the fun of it, I'll try to summarize. Here are thirty words (positive, of course, since it IS his birthday) that describe my husband:

In no certain order...
  1. intelligent
  2. happy
  3. honorable
  4. truthful
  5. optimistic
  6. encouraging
  7. family-man
  8. athletic
  9. handsome
  10. faithful
  11. hard-worker
  12. intense
  13. godly
  14. personable
  15. perservering
  16. excited
  17. determined
  18. charitable
  19. funny (in a corny sort of way)
  20. sincere
  21. giving
  22. cheesy
  23. dedicated
  24. complimenting
  25. helpful
  26. teachable
  27. healthy
  28. adventurer
  29. forgiving
  30. crazy*

*I just thought I'd share this funny moment. I was struggling to come up with the last few words, so I asked Parker what he thought of when I said "Daddy". His response: "huh?" Then I elaborated. "Parker, what's a word that describes Daddy?" I really didn't think he knew what the word describe meant. To my surprise, his response was "busy". It kind of made me sad. I mean, yes, David is a super busy guy. He's began managing an assisted living facility while taking care of me and two babies. (I guess I could have just said he's taking care of three babies-ha!) Despite all of his "duties" he always figures out a way to fit in quality time for all of us. Anyway, I then asked Parker, " What is Daddy busy with?" No lie. His response was, "being crazy." I died laughing. This is why I am able to tolerate all of Parker's energy and misbehaving. He IS David's son after all.

I hope this made you smile David. I love you, babe and ALWAYS will. Happy Birthday-you're my favorite!

Here are some great pictures of my hubby from the past few years.


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, David! Busy with being crazy, huh? That's pretty classic.

MrsScubaSteve said...

Happy Birthday David!!! I'm so glad my friend is blessed with such an amazing hubby!