Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

As I'm writing this post, I am feeling incredibly thankful for the amount of love in my life. I have an amazing Savior who gave the ultimate sacrifice because of his love for me, wonderful parents who always tell me they are proud of me and that they love me, great in-laws who go out of there way to show love to me, a husband who couldn't be more affectionate, a two year old who tells me at least 5 times a day "Mommy, I love you," and a 6 month old who insist on giving me wet sloppy kisses on the mouth.

I am one lucky girl. This year, I added to my valentine collection. Graham makes #3...and he's a lover.

For fun last week, a few of us crazy mother's got together and had a little Valentines Party for the kids despite the snow...I mean blizzard. We had a blast in spite of Lynsey's chaotic bead craft. (j/k Lyn, it was perfect.) Here's a few pictures from our Party with 6 boys under the age of three!

Puzzle time.

Enjoying some super festive food.

Lyn and Charlie Brown.

Parker and his mastepiece. Yes, we had all our boys make necklaces. Don't judge. And yes, Parker's shirt says "My whole family is this cute." What? It's the truth. :)

All of the boys from left to right: Dylan, Parker with Graham, Griffin with Grant, and Andrew. Good times. Thanks for the fun!

Tonight, David took me out and we ate at Bridge Road Bistro-one of my favs. Such yummy food. We both got the surf and turf special of the night and it was a great choice! When we were leaving, I asked a lady to take our picture (knowing good and well it wouldn't turn out well because people always cut off your head or don't wait for the camera to focus). It's alright though- we are super good at self-portraits. Anyway, she asked us if it was out first Valentines together. It really thrills me to shock them when I reveal that's it's our 7th! 7 years ago tonight, David asked me to marry him on Charleston's Fort Hill. That lucky dog...I said, "Yes!"


Julie said...

Love your pics!!! Welcome to the blogosphere!

DavidandSteff said...

Thanks Julie! When I read your blogs, I almost pee my pants-they are so real life and hilarious.

Terry said...

Great pictures! Looks like someone needs to add a baby girl to that play group! And I agree with Parker, your whole family IS cute!

DavidandSteff said...

Terry, one of them is pregnant with a girl and one left her little girl home due to a cold. Maybe I'll be able to add some estrogen to the group in a few years. :)