Monday, February 8, 2010


So here it goes! The Dunn family has decided to join the blog world...finally. I have been wanting to start this blog for a while, but haven't been able to find the time. (Imagine that. A stay at home mom that's busy. Don't we just sit around and watch TV all day?) Anyway, I was hesitant about starting because I wasn't sure how often I would actually be able to contribute and I worried that I wouldn't have anything interesting to read about. That's when I realized that there are a lot of bloggers that are total slackers and I should just go ahead and join them. Also, I think there might be enough people out there who find my wild little family just intriguing enough to check in on us. I mean, just look at those cute little faces. When lacking substantial material in a post, I promise to include at least one picture of these cutie pies to make your viewing worth while. To all of you future followers, thanks for being slightly entertained by my world of motherhood, DIY projects, trying-to-fix-up-a-really-old-house-for-really-cheap mania, and anything else I deem Three Boys & a Girl worthy.


Heidi said...

I like the background! It's cute. And I love that pic of the boys. Too cute.

Angi Swearingen said...

I love this idea! The photos and the name of the blog are great, too. I can't wait to tune in for more of the Dunn family!