Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Last Visitors

Yes, the Dunn family still exists. I just haven't been in a blogging mood. It's been so pretty outside the past few weeks and we've had a lot going on. We finally set a closing date on our new home...17 days and counting. Eeeek! 

Some of my favorite memories made in this house over the past 3 years have been when we have had visitors. I just loving having guests. This past weekend, we had our last guests in this home. My cousin Amber asked if she could visit for part of their spring break and I jumped on the opportunity. Amber and I are the same age and developed a relationship while growing up. We lived in different states, but our parents found ways to get us together during many summer vacations. Now, we are both married with two children each. 

Amber, her husband Jon, and two sweet girls arrived on Saturday and stayed until Monday morning. We had such a great time! It's so nice to spend time with other couples who have young children. There's a certain "ease" to the time spent together despite any wild moments created by our untamed children. Their oldest girl is a year younger than Parker and their littlest is 6 months younger than Graham. It was hilarious watching them all interact. Parker was smitten by Audrey and we found the girl version of Graham in their youngest, Josie. It was crazy how alike they are.

I'm not going to lie. I've got girl fever. How could I not after this much cuteness? Honestly, because Amber's girls have so much life and energy, they didn't seem that much different than my boys.  Where I saw most of the contrast between our little people came in the form of their excitement. My boys yell and jump up and down when they get excited. Audrey and Josie squeal and get giddy. Just like me!!! I hope I am blessed some day with a little girl, but if not, I'll thank God for my sweet boys and make sure I get my girly fix with these two. I can't wait until we can get our families together again. Thanks so much Degitz family for including us on your spring break fun!

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