Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 First Snow

By the time this blog post actually gets published, I'm sure we'll have had many snow days, but there's nothing like that first snow each year, especially for a child. Parker got giddy when we told him snow was coming. He just kept looking out the window in anticipation. We ended up getting 3-4 inches during this storm, but he was out as soon as there was a dusting on the ground. Don't children make things that have gotten boring and mundane come alive again? I love that about having children.

It's sad when you get the first snow and your leaves still haven't been completely removed.
 Time to bring in the chairs for the year. That would be a cold seat.
 All bundled in his snow gear. He loves the snow!
This was about as much "playing" in the snow as I did...cold!

Here's to living in the North and all it's festive weather. I hate it and I love it. That's just how it is.


Lauren said...

Too precious!!!!! Bring some of that snow to Florida :)

Eric and Emily said...

WIsh we could be there to play in the snow with yall! I like the cold weather until after Christmas- then I'm done. Your hair looks shorter and lighter??? Is it different?

Ashley said...

Cute!! Kylie would do ANYthing for it to snow... here! LOL!