Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I'm getting antsy. I see kids going back to school and the past few mornings there has been a slight coolness in the air. Some of you like these signs, and I'm trying to appreciate all seasons (with very little effort), but when I feel and hear Fall's translated in my brain as "Winter is almost here!!!!" I'm not into it. I don't like cold weather (except for some of the super cute clothes and scarves) after Christmas. So, on my quest to be a more positive person, I've decided instead of complaining (though some will escape) about the inevitable coldness that's about to take the breathe right out of my lungs (feeling slightly dramatic this morning), I'll soak up the last few rays of summer sun and be outside as much as possible. The boys love it too. We don't have a pool membership, but don't tell Parker and Graham. We can turn on a sprinkler, get out the hose, blow up the inflatable pool, or even bust out Parker's first baby pool and we have a grand 'ol time.  I'm going to appreciate being able to just throw on a summer dress and sandals instead of having to layer myself to death. I told David just last night that I think I'll try to wear a dress every day until it's no longer (intelligently) possible.

Here are my handsomes enjoying a simple baby pool.


Lauren said...

Girl, that last pictures needs to be blow up!!!!!!!! Precious!!!!

Eric and Emily said...

I want to be there to run around the sprinklers and sit in that little ole pool with yall!!!