Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dunn Dining

Though being redone on a tight budget and lacking completion, I am loving my new dining room. It makes me happy. Maybe I'll start eating in here more often.

Here is the sad start. I cringe remembering the vast change that needed to take place. From the lovely orange chair cushions to the brassiness of the light fixture, there was so much wrong going on in this room when we bought the house. Don't mind the hunter green tile on the kitchen walls in the background; that will be another post. 
Finally, some beauty. The newly painted buffet really fits well. I would like to find a rug eventually, but bare floor is good for now.
My attempt at a random collage.  I'm still trying to decide if it works, but overall I think I like the concept and I'm sure I will make changes as I find new stuff and take new pictures.
I could not for the life of me find the curtains I wanted for the right price. I thought a faux silk in white would be perfect for the room, but I couldn't find any for less than $200 (for 4) that were the 92 inch length. No thanks. I take my second choice: white cotton canvas from West Elm. Twenty-nine bucks a piece, thank you very much.
There is a park that David and I have been going to since we were dating. I swear if you add up all our walking and jogging, we've completed at least 100 marathons there. The other day, Parker and I  were taking a stroll at our favorite park and Parker snatched up some sticks like he normally does. However, this time the sticks were a tree branch remnant that looked like it should go in my house. I like this decor because it reminds me of a special place to my family. Do you think I should leave the branch natural color or spray paint them a darker brown? You can always say ditch them as a third option-I won't get my feelings hurt. (Probably won't listen, though.)
I stole this next idea from a really nifty blog, Twig and Thistle. Next thing I know, I see it get attention in Better Homes and Gardens and by Young House Love. I love how spray painting them all the same color gives the different shapes and sizes a cohesiveness. I'm excited to go get some pretty flowers to jazz them up.

These pretty little mirrors seemed perfect for my space, so I grabbed two from target and was thrilled with how they looked. I was thinking I needed something darker for the walls, but I think the white looks just fine.
This last little corner is my dilemma. I can't decide whether I want to find a cute old chair and reupholster it, or if I want to find a cabinet/shelving unit to display dishes and such. Thoughts?

Ecstatic to be semi-finished with this room. For now.


Michelle said...

Looks amazing! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love.....Looks soooo good!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, it is looking amazing!!!!!! What a difference and LOVE what you’ve done with it. And keep the sticks the original color!!! :)

Eric and Emily said...

First of all I REALLY miss you! We have been traveling nonstop. 2nd i just got that same white plate on your wall from a thrift. 3rd LEAVE the twigs!!!!!!!!!!! and, I think you should find a fun old shelf, maybe a corner one and redo it. you always need a place to display dishes, pics, seasonal stuff- but thats just me :)

Sarah Richey said...

It looks great!! I LOVE the color of your dining's a similar color that's in our bedroom. And I love the crisp white with the dark accents. Very beautiful! I agree to leave the sticks the same color and a corner shelf/cabnet would go great in that space.

Judy Robbins said...

I Love it-----You have grown up to be amazing....Leave the sticks just the way they are. :) Love you