Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth Fun

I live in an incredible country. I am always hearing people whine and complain about things going on in our country, and though my own personal thoughts sometimes differ than those of our leadership, I am darn proud to be an American. We celebrated our independence all weekend. David took Friday off and we went thrift store shopping in the morning. Nothing like getting a good deal to celebrate freedom. I am still looking for a chair for my dining room to semi-complete that never ending project.

Saturday we headed to my friend Lynsey's house in good 'ol Ona, WV. We grilled some burgers with Lyn, her husband Joe, and little man Dylan. Then we played fifty-two games of corn hole, also known as tailgate toss for those who are less redneck. Summary: Joe is awesome. I am awful. I have always considered myself athletic, nonetheless, you would not think I had a lick of coordination with this game. It didn't help that the boards played as though someone (probably Joe) had just gave them a good waxing. My bean bag sack things, when they would land on the board, would fling off like they were magnetic opposites. Oh well, it was still fun. We stayed late to watch the neighborhood fireworks; I still can't believe Graham slept through the noise and Parker and Dylan were as cheery as they were for being up 2.5 hours past their bedtime. Thanks for the good time Hargraves family.

Sunday was church and grilling out to celebrate our friend Matt's birthday. I had decided to not take the boys to the city firework display because I didn't want Graham to scream through the whole event and Parker had been out late the few nights before. Well, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to just enjoy the festivities and pay for the risky decision later. We got the boys out of bed at 9:30 and headed downtown. I can't believe the spot we got for going so late. We were directly in front of where they were shooting them off which was A) a great view, and B) freaking loud! Parker kept his ears covered the whole time and Graham left nails marks on David from hanging on so tight. I am glad we went, they were beautiful!
Can you imagine what was going on in Graham's mind?
My boys.
Can you tell we are forcing this picture?

Notice Graham's patriotic passy.

I look like a hot mess and Parker looks ticked about the situation. I promise, he really did enjoy them.

On a side note, look at this cuteness I found in my backyard yesterday. Not to sound a bit crazy, but she and I have many similarities, two of which really stand out. We are both mothers of two and are constantly trying to keep our kids from getting hit by cars. 


Lauren Kelly said...

What a great weekend and love the pics of ya’ll with the fireworks in the background. And how sweet is that last picture!! Precious :)

Heidi said...

The pic of you with both boys & the one with Parker holding his ears crack me up. Too cute.